Guide to recycling with RafCycle

Recycling your label release liner waste enables you to take part in the circular economy. Let us guide you towards pure circularity.


Take part in the circular economy

The global waste issue is real. The unsustainable linear use of materials drives climate change. For brands, this reality is enforced by tightening sustainability regulation and consumer trends. In the process of labeling products, the label release liner is an often-overlooked waste stream. UPM Raflatac is here with a hands-on recycling solution for turning the waste into a positive climate impact in the circular economy.

RafCycle™ by UPM Raflatac is the original label release liner recycling service built to reach pure circularity. RafCycle enables closing the loop as we use part of the label release liner waste to make new label materials.

In the RafCycle recycling guide:

  • Understanding the impact of recycling label release liner waste
  • Benefits of recycling label release liner waste with RafCycle
  • The few steps required from a RafCycle partners


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