Graphic self-adhesive sheets

Our wide range of paper and film-based sheets materials are the perfect solution for conventional and digital printing.


Leading quality and performance

As world leaders in the provision of self-adhesive sheets, our experts are passionate about creating high-quality self-adhesive materials that point toward a future of long-term sustainability. Find the right self-adhesive solution to bring your graphics to life with our wide and versatile range. Order a presentation of our Discover & Stick box, swatch book or brochures from our merchants today.


Offset and digital printing

Our offset and digital sheet label products are engineered by experts to precisely match your requirements. Choose offset sheets for high-quality results and a wide range of materials, adhesives, sizes and packaging options.

Consider digital sheets if you require high-quality, customizable labels that are suitable for printing variable information in short runs. Digital sheets are available in sizes that are common to most printing presses. We also offer tray-boxes that are specifically designed for ease-of-use and safe storage. 


How are graphic self-adhesive sheets constructed?

Graphic self-adhesive sheets comprise of a face material, an adhesive and a liner. Our high-quality graphic self-adhesive sheets are specifically designed to run smoothly through printing and converting machines and lay flat without curling at the edges when stored. In addition to their premium performance qualities, all our materials are developed with a sustainable production process in mind. Our factories have also ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and all our sites have a chain of custody in place for FSC™ certification (FSC C012530). 


Innovative adhesives

Our special adhesives have been developed in-house and combined with paper and film label materials to create cutting-edge sheet labels that are suitable for a wide range of purposes.

Our self-adhesive sheet range feature:

  • Efficient adhesives for clean performance without adhesive residue
  • Multipurpose materials that offer versatility across a wide range of applications
  • Sustainable adhesives: acrylic and water-based
  • Robust aging properties for a long-lasting performance

UPM Raflatac RAFNXT+ for sheets



How to buy graphic self-adhesive sheets

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