Permanent adhesives

Developed for single application, permanent labels require strong adhesives that create a permanent bond between the label and the product.


Secure and resistant to stress

The permanence of any label depends on a combination of the adhesive, label material, application surface, product usage and time. The adhesive chosen for a permanent label should provide the peel, tack, and shear required to create a secure bond to the surface material, while accommodating the environmental conditions for the application. Take a closer look at the permanent adhesive solutions we’ve developed for single applications.


Strength and durability


Adhesives for room temperature

Ambient or room-temperature products, such as food items, are manufactured, stored, and sold at temperatures between 5°C and 25°C. During the printing and dispensing process, adhesives for ambient temperature products should ideally be kept at around 20°C, with a humidity of 50%. Higher temperatures can soften the adhesive, increasing the risk of adhesive-bleed. We offer a variety of food-safe and peel and reseal adhesives for ambient temperatures. These adhesives adhere can to packaging materials such as glass, metals, flexible and hard plastics, cellulose, paper, and corrugated fiberboard. 

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Adhesives for chilled conditions

Chilled foods are the most common application area in food labeling. Hotmelt adhesives are the typical choice for products stored in these conditions but can suffer from limited clarity and convertibility. ​We’ve developed a waterborne adhesive that performs well in a wide variety of temperatures, and excels in chilled conditions, in particular, ensuring labels on food packaging remain firmly in place and retain their visual appeal. 

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Adhesives for deep-frozen conditions

Designed for bonding on PP plastic tubes and containers, the adhesive is extremely resistant to thermal shock and provides a strong bond between the label face and container. Able to withstand long-term storage in vapor phase and liquid nitrogen, they’re pharmaceutical laboratory pre-tested products and ready for customer validation. 

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Adhesives for high temperatures

When high-temperature tolerance is needed, we have adhesives to meet your needs. For extreme conditions like high-temperature automotive labeling, our solvent-free adhesives are the best choice, adhering strongly throughout the lifetime of the product. If you’re looking for the right match for use in pasteurization processes, we recommend our UV-hotmelt adhesive which shows good adhesion and lasting clarity even when labels are applied to moist bottles.  

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Clear adhesives for high visual impact


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