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Vellamo: Sustainable label solution originating from the forest

Vellamo, the award-winning Finnish natural mineral water, takes the role of the sustainable labeling as an integral part of the Vellamo® brand. The company recently took into use the innovative UPM Raflatac Forest Film label material which is a sustainable label solution originating from sustainably managed forests.


1.      Labels matter when it comes to sustainable packaging

2.      Vellamo’s water bottles use sustainable labels made from 100% wood-based materials

3.       UPM Raflatac’s Forest Film label supports Vellamo’s unique and pure brand

A Finnish company, Ice Age Water Ltd. sells its unique natural mineral water from last Ice Age under Vellamo® brand. Vellamo’s main market area is in North America, Asia and Finland. The Vellamo brand is all about nature and the sustainability covers the whole product from origin to packaging and the design. Therefore, it’s clear that also the label needs to fit to the brand story and what would be a better fit than a sustainable plastic label from the forest. 

Renewable label material made from wood

For Vellamo, selecting a sustainable label material that would support its unique brand was a must. When introduced to a brand-new Forest Film plastic label material, everything clicked together, and Forest Film was chosen. The clear polypropylene (PP) plastic label material is constructed from UPM BioVerno naphtha, a 100% wood-based solution made from crude tall oil, a residue of the pulp production process originating from sustainably managed forests. It has the same quality and properties as traditional plastic PP labels.

“Choosing Forest Film over a conventional fossil-based film label offers companies like Vellamo an efficient and impactful way to reach beyond their sustainability goals without compromising on product performance,” says Katja Kivelä, Senior Marketing Manager, Films, UPM Raflatac. “It enables to replace traditional fossil-based virgin materials with renewable ones.”


Sustainable label supporting the brand story

Vellamo’s water bottle is like a block of ice, reflecting the blue colour of the glacier. The exquisite Scandinavian design supports the story of the world’s purest natural mineral water and the transparent wood-based plastic label material complements the design with its subtle looks and sustainable material.

“Vellamo is one of Mother Nature’s perfect creations. We have taken great measures to ensure our unique taste, purity, and sustainability for the health of our customers and planet by achieving a neutral carbon footprint across production, packaging, and logistics,” says Petteri Ahonen, CEO, Vellamo. 

The label on Vellamo water bottles also features RafMore by UPM Raflatac, an innovative smart label solution that allows consumers to scan the label unique to every Vellamo bottle and access real-time product lifecycle and carbon footprint data.



Vellamo is Finland’s only natural mineral water from the last Ice Age – 10,000 years ago, completely pure and unique in taste with perfectly balanced minerals and containing no environmental pollution. Since launching in 2017, Vellamo has received international recognition for its taste and design. Pronounced ‘vel-emo’, its name originates from Finnish mythology – goddess spirit of water.

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UPM Raflatac labeling solution

UPM Raflatac Forest Film™ is a plastic label solution based on 100% wood-based raw-materials.  It has been developed in collaboration with UPM Biofuels using the UPM BioVerno naphtha, a 100% wood-based solution. Forest Film is an ISCC certified product. ISCC certified plastic film is produced by using sustainable resources to replace an equivalent amount of fossil resources in the production process (mass balance approach).

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