What makes us choose one wine over another?

Emotions trigger surprising results. All wine brands know that the first glance can make or break an award-winning product. Subtle differences in the way a wine label looks can influence consumer purchasing behavior by speaking to the subconscious. Neuroscience plays an important role in revealing the design details that underpin our emotions and influence our actions. Read the neuromarketing books to find out how paper and embellishments influence wine purchase decisions. In addition to the full neuromarketing study details, the book will provide you with clear conclusions that can help you to succeed in wine labeling.

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Neuromarketing study for white wine

With this neuromarketing study, we wanted to understand whether the label and embellishment play a role in the perception of the taste of the wine. 

Here we explore in depth the role of the label in all the “moments of truth” throughout the buying journey from the shelf to the choice and the tasting. Understanding how the senses help simplify choices and influence purchasing decisions is at the heart of neuromarketing. We believe that the findings of the study will support the whole wine value chain in their decision-making process. 

The study was conducted in the German market for Chardonnay. It has been done in collaboration with Argea, SenseCatch, Kurz, and Krämer Druck .

Neuromarketing study for red wine

This book will show you the developments and discoveries in the field of neuroscience applied to wine marketing. It will give you a detailed picture of what can be analysed nowadays in a particularly complicated, experience-linked decision-making process as is the case in the wine sector. Neuromarketing techniques will continue to evolve and companies will discover the benefits of using neuromarketing as a valuable research and testing method. Unlike classic pen-and-paper-based techniques, neuromarketing offers companies a much higher level of detail and objectivity on the subconscious processes behind a decision.

The study was conducted in the Italian market for Bordeaux-type wine. It has been done in collaboration with SenseCatch, Rotas, Luxoro, and O,nice! Design Studio.