Neuromarketing study reveals wine label design insights

Emotions play a critical role in complex decision-making processes and determine which wine brand a consumer chooses


What makes us choose one wine over another?


Emotions trigger surprising results. All wine brands know that the first glance can make or break an award-winning product. Subtle differences in the way a wine label looks can influence consumer purchasing behavior by speaking to the subconscious. Neuroscience plays an important role in revealing the design details that underpin our emotions and influence our actions. Read the neuromarketing book, developed exclusively by UPM Raflatac’s wine labeling experts, to find out how paper and embellishments influence wine purchase decisions. In addition to the full neuromarketing study details, the book will provide you with clear conclusions that can help you to succeed in wine labeling.

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In this book:

  • What is neuromarketing?   
  • How do label materials impact visual saliency and equity?  
  • How do paper labels and embellishments impact emotional engagement?   
  • Does product image positioning change the perception of originality, quality and luxury?   
  • Can decorative embellishments influence the intention to buy?