Choosing the right beverage label

Creating eye-catching design with high-performance and functionality.


High-performing, beautifully crafted labels

Our technical experts are continuously researching and developing new innovations to help brands meet the most challenging product conditions. Explore some of the performance requirements you should consider when designing product labels for wine bottles, spirits and craft beer.    


Behind the label is an adhesive that needs to stick


Labels for refrigeration and ice buckets

Luxury beverage brands need labels with visual and tactile depth to connect with the consumers of today – but the magic is lost if the label turns gray, wrinkles, or falls off when wet or on ice.

UPM Raflatac Wet Strength treated (WSA)™ papers and film products increase in strength in wet conditions, and are designed to maintain their integrity, even in challenging conditions such as coolers, ice buckets or refrigerators.  These label materials won’t discolor, scuff or scratch when wet - but will emerge with the materials, colors and text intact. 

Talk to our experts about wet strength applications for your wine, spirit or beer bottle label. 

Adhesive labels for high-speed labeling

When combined with specialized adhesives, our labels become the perfect solution for challenging wine, spirits, and craft beer labeling applications that require excellent high-speed converting, reliable dispensing properties and good adhesion.

Hotmelt adhesives keep labels firmly in place – regardless of shape or decoration and offer excellent moisture resistance, helping labels to stay looking good for the product lifetime. Talk to our experts about RP30 - a permanent adhesive that provides good adhesion to polar surfaces, tolerates fluctuations in temperature and humidity on the bottling line and during bottle storage, and has good water-resistance during immersion in ice buckets.

Read more about how our label materials can be combined to create the perfect label or get in touch with our experts to discuss your design brief.  

Film labels for pressure-sensitive applications  

Aluminum cans, such as those used in the craft beer industry, are prone to denting. This can make the labeling process difficult and expensive.

UPM Raflatac Vanish™ PCR ultra-thin films are specially designed for pressure-sensitive beverage can applications.  Use textured, colored, and metalized papers or ultra-clear and white pressure-sensitive labels to create unique and informative designs that attract the consumer’s eye. Vanish™ PCR labels support aluminum can recyclability and create an opportunity to market small batches cost-effectively.