Exceptional durability and resilience

Safety, information, traceability and the prevention of stock losses – labels for industrial chemical packaging play an important role in ensuring that crucial information remains legible and intact.  UPM Raflatac’s label material is tested for enduring adhesion on specific surface types, in a variety of conditions and under exposure to mechanical strain and contact with chemicals. Our solutions support legislative compliance and stay functional throughout the life cycle of the labeled container. 

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Drum labels

Environmental factors and surface properties can influence your choice of label materials. Our label solutions for HDPE and metal drums are resilient to outdoor conditions such as UV light and water. We can help you choose the best label materials for painted, lacquered and curved metal drums.

Intermediate bulk container labels

Intermediate bulk containers featuring smooth, polar surfaces can be labeled with ease and precision. These containers are commonly used to transport and store bulk liquids and granulated substances such as chemicals and solvents. We provide guidance on the best intermediate bulk container label for you.

Labels for Oil Cans and Lubricant Containers

Promote your brand and convey essential information with dedicated labels for oil cans, lubricant containers, and canisters. Resistant to both oil and lubricants, extremely adhesive, and conformable around shaped containers, PE film label materials are the ideal choice for hot and cold label applications. These versatile materials offer the perfect solution for various oil and lubricant packaging needs. Receive expert advice on the best label materials for your product.


Regulatory compliance


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