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CUTRIN: Recyclable packaging from sustainable raw materials

CUTRIN, a pioneer in Nordic hair design, utilizes sustainably procured raw materials in its products. CUTRIN’s product development relies on the purity of Finnish nature and the unique power of the Nordic ingredients it provides. The company finds it important to extend its sustainability message to be visible also in its product packaging and therefore has chosen the wood-based UPM Raflatac Forest Film PP label material to complement its new AINOA product range.  


1. CUTRIN utilizes sustainably sourced raw materials originating from the forest in its AINOA Moisture Treatment   

2. UPM Raflatac’s wood-based plastic label material Forest Film enhances the packaging recyclability and fits perfectly with CUTRIN’s brand values and the AINOA product concept 

3. CUTRIN aims to maximize the recyclability of its products and strives to ensure that the label material matches the actual packaging 

CUTRIN is proud of its Finnish origins and Nordic roots. The company belongs to the beloved Finnish beauty brand LUMENE which celebrated its 50th-anniversary last year and continuously strives to bring a circular economy to the beauty industry as the Nordic pioneer within the field. 

One of the values both companies endorse is a close and respectful relationship with nature. Moreover, maximizing the recyclability of products is one of the principles that guide their packaging development. Both companies work in several areas to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging. This was also the case when CUTRIN started to design the packaging for its new AINOA product range.  

A matching label material enhances packaging recyclability  

CUTRIN AINOA product range is developed to meet the needs of fine Nordic hair and it is powered by responsibly sourced nutrient-rich ingredients of the Northern wilderness. The 100% vegan products are packaged in recyclable plastic containers that are mostly made from recycled plastic. 

“When designing new products, we pay a lot of attention to the packaging recyclability. Therefore, we strive to ensure that the label material matches the actual packaging. AINOA products are packed in polypropylene (PP) plastic containers so the label material should also be made from PP plastic,” tells Kerttu Ylipoti, R&D Manager, Packaging, LUMENE. 

“In addition to favoring monomaterial packaging, we aim to replace virgin fossil-based materials with recycled and biobased plastic. In this sense, UPM Raflatac’s Forest Film label material is the perfect solution for our AINOA Moisture Treatment, “Ylipoti says.  

Sustainably sourced raw materials from the forest 

Forest Film is a clear PP plastic label material. It’s a 100% wood-based solution originating from sustainably managed forests. Forest Film utilizes UPM BioVerno naphtha, a fossil-free raw material made from crude tall oil, a residue from pulp production. This sustainable label material is a 100% renewable alternative for plastics, and it uses the mass-balance approach to replace fossil-based raw materials with renewable ones.   

“For more than 20 years, we have worked in product development with LUMENE aiming to utilize ingredients developed from wild Nordic plants and side streams of the food and wood industries,” tells Emmi Salmi, Brand Manager, CUTRIN.   

“Forest Film label material fits perfectly with our brand values ​​and the AINOA product concept, which draws its inspiration from Nordic and Finnish forests and utilizes the natural ingredients they offer. It’s a perfect match,” Salmi says.  


The feedback CUTRIN has received from the AINOA products has been very positive.  

“The products have been warmly received – Nordic ingredients, Finnishness, and the use of recycled material in packaging appeal to people,” Salmi lists.  

Please recycle me again 

CUTRIN takes pride in offering products that are sustainable and easy to recycle. The company soon launches a recycling guide that breaks down each component of CUTRIN’s packaging and advises how to recycle them.  

“It is our responsibility to ensure that our packaging is recyclable and sustainable. We include recycling symbols and material codes to all our products and mentioned whether the product is made from recycled materials. We have also added a “please recycle me” note to all our AINOA products,” Ylipoti concludes.  




CUTRIN is among the leading Nordic brands for hair cosmetics designed for professional use. Our selection includes high-quality products infused with natural ingredients for home and professional use. Our main markets are the Nordic countries and Russia. In addition, CUTRIN products are sold, for example, in Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. CUTRIN success is backed up by LUMENE Oy, an international expert brand in beauty and wellbeing. 

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UPM Raflatac labeling solution

UPM Raflatac Forest Film™ is a plastic label solution based on 100% wood-based raw-materials – an innovation at the forefront of sustainable packaging. It has been developed in collaboration with UPM Biofuels using the UPM BioVerno naphtha, a 100% wood-based solution. Forest Film is an ISCC certified product. ISCC certified plastic film is produced by using sustainable resources to replace an equivalent amount of fossil resources in the production process (mass balance approach). 

Read more about Forest Film  


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