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Printek: Award winning design with sustainable label materials

For Brazilian distiller Dry Cat Gin, a specialized label was necessary to showcase the brand’s unique look and feel. The metallic reflection of the cat’s sunglasses was a must-have for the designers and professionals at Dry Cat Gin and Printek. Sergio Cruz Jr, Business Development Analyst at Printek, was eager to find the right supplier to develop this new opportunity.



1. Meeting the high standards of the brand’s technical specifications did not put
the cost out of range.

2. Printek found that the main benefit of working with UPM Raflatac is the
reliability of sourcing and high-quality products.

3. It is possible to achieve award-winning design without sacrificing sustainability


Meeting the demanding labeling need

According to Cruz, Dry Cat was seeking not only a metallic look, but they needed a label that would stand up to the handling, shipping, and environmental demands of the product
moving from packaging at the distillery to purchasing at the store. “The metallic effect that we were able to achieve in the cat's glasses and the adhesive strength were the main features
we wanted,” he says.

Working with the pressure-sensitive label experts at UPM Raflatac, Printek delivered a solution to Dry Cat in Raflacoat 80-FSC with RP51 permanent adhesive, achieving their functionality targets while simultaneously meeting the brand’s financial parameters. Sergio de Matteo, Sales Manager at UPM Raflatac observes, "Delivering high-quality, yet sustainable products to our customers helps give them a strong competitive advantage in the Latin American market. We are here to support their growth and ability to meet their customers' sustainable labeling needs."




Printek is a very traditional label converter company in Brazil’s Espírito Santo State and their dedicated printing process and ability to provide high-quality materials to their customers help them differentiate from the competition. Now, a valuable relationship has been formed with UPM Raflatac, of whom Cruz states, “The main benefit of working with UPM Raflatac is the superiority and reliability of its products.”

Raflacoat-FSC helps win spirits design award for Dry Cat Gin

As for the result, Cruz and Printek were very pleased, stating that “It was even better than expected, leaving many positive impressions throughout the industry.” Perhaps most notably, at the ABIEA 2019 Awards in Brazil, Dry Cat London Dry Gin won the award for Most Beautiful Label: Alcoholic Beverage Category.


Printek is a Brazilian company that has specialized in the production and conversion of custom labels and tags, adhesive and non-adhesive tags, and the resale of ribbons since 1998. With a production area of 7500m² and a recent acquisition of machinery and equipment at a cost of R $ 1.5 million, Printek is currently considered the company with the largest investment in conversion equipment in the region.

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Dry Cat

Copper, fire, art and sweat: That was how Dry Cat was born. In mid-2017 two friends, a designer and a photographer, decided to start creating spirits. What existed initially as a simple curiosity, a passion grew that took them to London where they visited numerous distilleries. Not long after, curiosity turned into a decision and thus, with the return to Brazil, they bought the first still and Dry Cat came to be.

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UPM Raflatac labeling solution

UPM RAFLATAC RAFLACOAT-FSC is an on-machine coated, super calendered, FSC™ certified (FSC C012530) semi-gloss paper. In addition to its sustainable attributes, it is a robust face stock that performs well during high speed printing and in various environments. Raflacoat-FSC is ideal for labeling applications where high-quality, multicolor print and fine detail are required.

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