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UPM Raflatac will be the world's first label materials company that is committed to going beyond fossils, designing better solutions for the packaging industry. For us, going beyond fossils means that we reduce or replace virgin fossil sources of carbon that add carbon burden to the carbon cycle.

The first step is to reduce emissions and start emitting less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The most efficient way to do this is by taking a 360° life-cycle approach to mitigating our climate impact. From responsible sourcing and sustainable operations to innovative, sustainable products and services, we apply the principles of reduce, recycle, renew and reuse. Our commitment affects all of our solutions and has a positive impact on our customers' products.

As part of UPM, we have joined other leading companies in a promise to pursue science-based measures to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

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UPM Raflatac ambition:
The world's first label materials company beyond fossils

We act through forests and land

A high share of our label products already uses certified sustainable fiber from forests that are managed as carbon sinks – and this number will keep rising in the future. We are also working to increase transparency in the value chain for biobased plastic labels to be able to assess the sustainability of the raw material. The way we use virgin resources plays a critical role in climate change mitigation, as growing trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide and store it in the soil.

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We act through efficiencies and reductions

Minimizing the use of fossil fuels is the most important way to mitigate climate change. Our ambitious goal is to reduce CO2 emissions from fuels and from the purchased electricity used at our production sites by 65% by 2030 compared to 2015. We also aim to reduce the emission levels of our supply chain by 30 percent by 2030 compared to 2018.

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We act through products and services

Sustainable products play a significant role in the fight against climate change. UPM Raflatac goes the extra mile to provide the best innovative, sustainable solutions to customers and brand owners to help them meet their climate targets. One label may not seem like much but multiply it by millions worldwide, and the impact is immense. We create value for our customers, help them switch to sustainable solutions, and close the loop for a circular economy.

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Climate Review


Towards carbon neutrality – We offset emissions for our CarbonNeutral® products

Reducing environmental strain and emissions is critically important for us. We have already implemented ambitious emission reduction plans for our certified RAFNXT+ and Linerless products. However, these products still have a residual climate impact that cannot be avoided today – the only way to achieve carbon neutrality is to compensate for the remaining emissions elsewhere. That means investing in certified carbon offsets to compensate for the equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

We carefully select carbon compensation projects that tackle the root causes of climate change, fulfill international standards, are linked to U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals, and bring additional benefits, such as supporting local communities.


Partnerships help us to reach the highest level of positive climate impact

We want to actively drive the change and collaborate with scientifically credible partners and organizations to reach the highest possible positive impact on climate and people. UPM Raflatac is working together with organizations such as Climate Impact Partners, Sphera, and The Carbon Trust to monitor and improve the level of climate impact, and we are committed to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Commitment in the New Plastics Economy that aims to transform plastic packaging towards a circular economy.

Ultimately, we are part of the solution to the climate crisis. Together with our partners and your help, we can take positive climate action and create a smarter future beyond fossils.


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