Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing is the basis for our sustainability approach. By working together with our global supplier base, we bring innovative and sustainable labeling solutions to the market.


Sustainability begins at the source

Raw materials are one of the biggest sources of environmental impacts in our business, making responsible sourcing our top priority. We carefully select suppliers who act responsibly and support them in improving their performance and business.

Labels are a crucial part of sustainable packaging designs, and helping our customers go beyond their sustainability goals is at the core of our business. We set ambitious targets for responsible sourcing and pass on these values to customers and brands throughout our value chain.


Our responsible sourcing targets

Sustainability is in our DNA. On our journey beyond fossils, we actively increase the share of renewable and recycled materials in our labeling solutions. We constantly innovate new products from certified, renewable and recycled raw materials to supplement our wide-ranging, sustainable label portfolio.

100% qualified spend
By 2030, our target is to have our entire raw material spend qualified against the UPM Supplier Code, which sets our requirements for socially, environmentally and economically responsible conduct.
Increasing renewable and recycled content
On our journey beyond fossils, we utilise renewable and recycled materials as an alternative to reduce the use of fossil resources and enable circular economy.
All fibre certified
By 2030, we aim to obtain all our wood fibers from certified sources. Our FSC™ (FSC C012530) and PEFC (PEFC/02-31-196) certificates cover all our factories and terminals, which enables us to offer certified labeling solutions globally.

Our sourcing process