Smarter use of plastics

For us, smarter use of plastics means reducing material consumption and promoting renewable materials, as well as minimizing and creating new cycles for label waste.


The world of packaging is looking for more and better ecodesigned solutions for labeling products in order to tackle issues around use of plastics and to support sustainability. Plastic as a raw material is not always a problem – in fact it may have some advantages for instance in preventing food waste. Plastic waste, however, is a big problem.


Film label materials made thinner and lighter

Label Life by UPM Raflatac is a life cycle assessment service that offers our clients information on the environmental impact of our products. Through our service you can get LCA calculations on three fundamental impacts: greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, and water consumption. With reduced use of raw materials, we can offer thinner and lighter film label materials. In addition, Label Life offers you comparisons of different UPM Raflatac products and relevant end-of-life scenarios for liner, helping you find the right sustainability solutions for your needs.


Reach beyond your sustainability goals


Find the right sustainable label for you

Optimize the recycling process of your plastic package by choosing our easy-to-remove labels. Or would you prefer labels containing recycled and renewable materials? Let us help you find the right sustainability solution for you.