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40# Jetlite

To hospital laboratories, 40# Jetlite is a real ally

Some of the world’s greatest breakthroughs have occurred in hospitals and laboratories. Is it any surprise that 40# Jetlite is now following suit? When it comes to test tube and vial labeling and thin sheeted label applications, this paper holds up to scrutiny from our panel of experts – and our customers.

A smooth, thin face paper, 40# Jetlite easily passes the visual analysis. And with excellent runnability on both laser and ink-jet printers, 40# Jetlite's ability to produce easy-to-read bar codes is right there in black and white.

With two trials aced, it’s time to move on to application. Some labelstocks fall victim to flagging, but fortunately, 40# Jetlite proves application is a wrap, easily covering glass and polyethylene test tubes and vials, as well as providing excellent performance in an array of storage conditions. Our team’s final analysis? 40# Jetlite is a true triumph of test tube (and vial) engineering.​

  • Smooth, thin and flexible face material specially designed for rigorous hospital and laboratory labeling applications
  • Easily wraps around small diameter forms such as test tubes and vials
  • Tested with common substrates such as glass and polyethylene
  • Can be manually applied and stored in a variety of environmental conditions
  • Laser and ink-jet printable
  • Perfect choice for thin sheeted label applications
  • Provides excellent toner anchorage for reliable bar code reading