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Labels for white and sparkling wines

Labels for white and sparkling wines

Your label is a marketing tool to attract, intrigue, and close the deal with consumers. Whether it’s elegantly simple or makes elaborate use of inks, foils, or embossing, the label represents the heritage, passion, and dedication captured in every bottle.

For white wine labels in dry conditions, coated, uncoated, textured, and metallized papers can all be used. For humid conditions, our Wet Strength treated (WSA) papers as well as Ice, Ice Premium, and film products are the perfect choice.  

Our adhesive range for white and sparkling wines

RP74 is a clear permanent adhesive designed specifi cally for thin fi lm face materials in a variety of enduses, including craft beverage. It offers very good water resistance after application (24-72 hour dwell time) and good mandrel hold. RP74 is not recommended for damp surfaces with clear film face materials (RP76 is recommended instead) but is acceptable with white fi lm face stocks. 

RP76, a water-resistant permanent adhesive, is the right choice for those demanding, no-label look applications when the substrate will be exposed to moisture, such as glass containers in the beverage market. Designed for thin fi lm applications, RP76 offers excellent wet stick and passes the 72-hour ice chest test. Characterized by excellent wet-out properties and high optical clarity while adhering well to a variety of substrates, RP76 also performs well on smooth PET bottles without complex curves. RP76 is not recommended for textured surfaces and when applied to wet surfaces, some blush will be seen but will fade in intensity over time. 

RP37, an emulsion acrylic clear permanent adhesive is ideal for standard beverage enduses when higher initial tack is required. RP37 offers excellent wet-out properties, clarity and UV stability and is UPM Rafl atac’s top-selling general purpose film adhesive. However, RP37 is not recommended on clear face materials where warm water resistance is required, on damp surfaces or on thin films. 

Wine and sparkling wine label products

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