Small Roll Service

Produce smaller orders on high-performance label stocks to meet your customers’ requirements and grow your business. Small Roll Service by UPM Raflatac provides easy access to selected single rolls with quick delivery.


Small label material rolls for growing businesses

Small Roll Service opens the door to productive new markets by removing larger minimum order quantities and potentially longer lead times. The service gives you access to many new and high-performance label solutions, including high-tech solutions for enhanced security and brand protection, regulatory pharmaceutical labels, robust materials for durable applications, and top-of-the-line wine and spirits labels.


Key benefits

Small Roll Service enables you to use test-and-learn marketing to evaluate business opportunities for broadening your customer base or expanding your footprint with existing customers. It also allows you to meet exact demand with smaller quantities of stock and to serve campaigns or seasonal market needs.

  • Order smaller quantities of label stock
  • Save on warehouse space
  • Reduce wasted stock and environmental impact
  • Test specialized durable, security, wine and pharmaceutical labels
  • Try latest trend label materials
  • Lessen business risks in new market areas
  • Trial high-performance stock with large turnover potential
  • Order to fit actual demand or seasonal needs
  • Improve negotiation positioning for smaller jobs and contracts

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Small Roll label materials are delivered in


More sustainable packaging with less waste