UPM Raflatac
Vanish PCR

UPM Raflatac Vanish PCR ultra-clear label materials are thinner than the industry standard, using less raw materials compared to standard clear-on-clear labels.


The clear sustainable choice

UPM Raflatac Vanish™ PCR range of clear and silver PET films label materials enables brands to maximize eye-catching visuals with more sustainable labels that support the circular economy. These thin yet robust products use less raw materials compared to other standard clear-on-clear products. Vanish™ PCR is the only clear-on-clear labeling solution on the market that incorporates recycled content, featuring PET face and liners made from 90 percent post-consumer recycled content.


Vanish™ benefits:

  • Offers a true no-label look
  • Features PET face materials and liners made from 90% post-consumer recycled content
  • Increased productivity gains – more labels per roll, fewer roll changes
  • Thinner constructions result in reduced transportation and packaging waste
  • Resistant against water, oil and chemicals
  • Ideal for a variety of rigid containers including glass and aluminum



Vanish™ PCR for beverages

These ultra-thin clear PET labels offer a sustainable solution for the beverage industry by ensuring cans are still recyclable. UPM Raflatac’s Vanish™ PCR label materials are suitable for small batch production, seasonal brews or event-specific promotions and feature a water-whitening resistant adhesive to help ensure bottles and cans retain a high-end, no-label look.

Vanish™ PCR for food products

Trends in consumer purchasing behavior are pointing increasingly towards food packaging designs that allow the consumer to see what’s inside. Increase product visibility and let the freshness of the food product speak for itself with Vanish™ PCR clear films. Utilizing Vanish™ PCR on glass or rigid plastic opens new doors for creative teams while helping to improve the sustainability of product packaging designs.

Vanish™ PCR for personal care products

For decades, the true no-label look has been highly sought after in the personal care industry – and Vanish™ PCR takes it a step further. With even thinner PET face materials paired with high-performance adhesives and clear PET film liners, brands can increase the dramatic effect of their visuals on clear glass and rigid PET containers and boost product quality impressions with few, if any, design setbacks.


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