Cherish the beauty of recycled materials


We believe in the magic of circular economy. We use recycled materials to create innovative labeling solutions that help brands deliver sustainable packaging for more responsible consumers. We explore the possibilities of recyclable packaging materials and lead the way towards a future beyond fossils. We know that every bottle, box and product matters. The same goes for labeling. Together with our clients we give waste a new life.


Nurture the impact of recycling

The world around us is constantly changing. The growing awareness on the results of the actions we take towards climate and environment is the driving force towards more sustainable consumer behavior. We embrace the ideas of circular design by creating sustainable labeling solutions that help our clients offer more responsible packaging solutions that consumers everywhere now expect, desire and demand.


Increase recycled content in your packaging

Recycled raw materials origin from various recycling streams with different recycling types. They can be used to create sustainable materials such as post-consumer recycled plastic and certified paper combinations made of virgin and recycled fibres.

Adding recycled content to your packaging brings three key benefits:

  • It helps enhancing recycling: Increasing the demand for post-consumer recycled content and materials produced with recycled content creates a natural market for circular solutions that can lead to more investments and keep circular economy going.
  • It helps lowering environmental impacts: Manufacturing products from recycled materials can keep landfills from growing and reduce other environmental impacts even more effectively than virgin raw materials.
  • It helps advancing the principles of circular design: Wood fibers can be recycled 5–7 times and plastics up to 10 times in mechanical recycling.

Choose labels that your customers love

We help increase the amount of recycled content in your packaging. Our innovative solutions allow producing desired labels with the natural looks or equal visual levels while maintaining functionality and performance of the highest level. Even with the recyclable packaging materials it is fully possible to combine premium level labels with sustainability. Style and quality are never compromised.

Foster the possibilities of circular economy

To make circular economy as effective as possible more recycling and re-use of waste material innovations are needed within our industry. We understand our responsibility and want to lead a way towards more sustainable future.

RafCycle™ by UPM Raflatac is our recycling service that enables circular solutions such as using release liner waste to create new liner, and truly closing the loop.


We offer a wide range of sustainable quality label materials

Increasing the amount of post-consumer recycled content in packaging can sometimes be more challenging than it sounds. But using labels made of recycled plastic or paper is very similar to using any other high-standard labels. Quality, looks, functionality, versality and certifications are comparable.

Products made of materials with recycled content can make a difference. By choosing our recycled content label materials that also carry ISCC and FSC™ certification (FSC C012530) you can support turning plastic waste into sustainable plastic or making the most of precious wood fibres and so help taking care of the world’s forest resources.


Circular economy is the foundation of sustainable future


The art of plastic recycling: Mechanical or chemical?

There are two good ways to recycle plastic: Mechanical and chemical. Both are needed in the path towards more sustainable future of plastic packaging recycling. The main difference of the two is that while mechanical recycling maintains the polymer structure chemical, recycling breaks it down into more basic building blocks.


We create innovative labeling solutions for sustainable brands and responsible consumers

We believe in the magic of circular economy and cherish the beauty of all things recycled. We are confident that our innovative labeling solutions will lead a way towards a more sustainable future for more responsible consuming. Together with our clients we give waste a new life.