We believe that circular economy is the foundation of sustainable future


UPM Raflatac LabelLoop supports circular economy

In the world that is running out of resources and producing more waste than ever before circular economy is an option for more sustainable future. To make that happen more innovations are needed. That’s why we believe in the magic of circular design, understand the meaning of recycling and reuse of waste materials in circular economy and recognize the importance of closing the loop thinking in our services and solutions.


This is how our LabelLoop™ concept works:

  1. RafCycle™ by UPM Raflatac recycling service collects label release liner waste made of paper or plastic from packers and brand owners.
  2. Our RafCycle partner processes the release liner into recycled pulp or plastics.
  3. Our raw materials supply partner makes new label face or release liner stock from post-consumer recycled (PCR) containing recycled materials.
  4. We manufacture FSC™-certified (FSC C012530) laminate and PET or glassine release liner utilizing the recycled face and release stock that creates new label material utilizing label waste.
  5. Our customers convert the products and offer brands a circular label-to-label solutions that help brands meeting their own recycled content goals.

Cherish the beauty of recycled materials


UPM Raflatac LabelLoop in Americas


Give new life to your label release liner waste

Our circular solution services allow consumers to purchase products with packaging made with recycled content. By returning waste back into resources we close the loop of sustainability and keep the circular economy going while maintaining the highest of quality. Together with our clients we are helping to maximize the life cycle of Earth’s precious resources.

Our unique RafCycle service makes the positive environmental impact even greater.