Avoid pitfalls in vaccine and cold chain labeling with best practices

The development of COVID-19 vaccinations is driving pharmaceutical companies to find proven and pre-tested solutions for vaccine labeling. How can you quickly distribute deep freeze stored next-generation vaccine platforms as mass vaccinations?

To get ahead of this rising demand, you must avoid common pitfalls and make the right label material choices. Watch the webinar recording to learn vaccine and cold chain labeling best practices from our pharmaceutical labeling experts.

Learn in this webinar:

  • What are the common pitfalls in vaccine and cold chain labeling?

  • What does pre-tested label material mean?

  • How does my vaccine packaging type impact the label material choice?

  • What are the challenges of small diameter moist and cold surface labeling?

  • How will the vaccine platform change from fridge to deep freeze (down to -80C) impact labels?

  • How can I easily choose the right label material?