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Unleashing Innovation: Great Lakes Label and UPM Raflatac Team Up to Solve Linerless Label Challenges

As the adoption of liner-free printers in weighing and retail scales gains momentum, Great Lakes Label and UPM Raflatac are collaborating to provide robust support for end-users seeking high-quality linerless label solutions. Their effort has effectively addressed label performance challenges and established a consistent and reliable supply of linerless label rolls to a major Midwest Grocery Chain.


  1. Great Lakes Label and UPM Raflatac's partnership exemplifies successful collaboration to address label challenges and supply limitations in the linerless market.
  2. UPM Raflatac's OptiCut™ linerless solution redefines label performance and enables more efficient operations.
  3. The alignment of Great Lakes Labels' customer-centric approach with UPM Raflatac's dedication to sustainability delivers sustainable solutions and exceptional service to grocers and restaurants. 


Resolving Challenges in Linerless Label Implementation

Great Lakes Label was approached by a prominent Grocery Chain facing two critical issues:

1.    Inadequate Adhesion - The linerless labels utilized in their stores were failing to adhere effectively to various packaging materials, hampering their functionality.
2.    Supply Shortcomings - The previous supplier of label materials struggled to meet the Chain's order volumes within required timelines.

Leveraging their established partnership, Great Lakes Label engaged UPM Raflatac to collaboratively tackle the challenges faced by the Grocery Chain. UPM Raflatac brought to the table their cutting-edge OptiCut™ linerless label product range, coupled with their substantial production capacity and a robust distribution network.

Todd Staskiewicz, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Great Lakes Label, states, "UPM Raflatac's expertise on linerless labels and related hardware proved to be a perfect fit for our customer's needs. The feedback from our customer base has been overwhelmingly positive, both on the performance of the OptiCut linerless product and its consistent availability."

Brinder Gill, Director of the Paper Laminates Business at UPM Raflatac Americas, states, "Our collaborative development of the OptiCut™ linerless technology alongside OEMs ensures peak performance in retail and weighing scales. Furthermore, our extensive production capacity and global distribution network empower us to seamlessly navigate the swift transition to Direct Thermal (DT) linerless solutions."

Embracing Sustainable Packaging Alternatives

Shifting from traditional linered solutions to linerless equipment and labels presents a tangible avenue for achieving sustainability gains. This transition translates to reduced consumption of raw materials and a minimized waste footprint. UPM Raflatac bolsters the sustainability proposition by offering an entire product range certified as CarbonNeutral® by Climate Impact Partners, according to The CarbonNeutral Protocol.


Insight into Great Lakes Label

Michigan-based Great Lakes Label is a NVBDC-certified U.S. Veteran-owned Business and reputable supplier of pre-printed and secondary printed label and paper products. They are a trusted label supplier and label applicator distributor, offering turnkey solutions to many industries. 

Great Lakes proactive approach revolves around addressing customer challenges with solutions-driven strategies. By leveraging their thermal label expertise, Great Lakes assists grocery chains and quick-service restaurants in U.S., Canada and Mexico in transitioning to linerless solutions and overcoming performance issues associated with existing thermal labels.  

Learn more about Great Lakes Label.

Unveiling UPM Raflatac OptiCut Linerless

A global frontrunner in pressure-sensitive label materials, UPM Raflatac presents a comprehensive spectrum of linerless label products for grocers, restaurants and logistics companies. Distinguished by innovation, their OptiCut Linerless solution sets the benchmark for printer performance and compatibility with diverse packaging types. This solution results in minimal adhesive residue on the printer’s cutting knife, translating to reduced printer downtime for maintenance. Users also benefit from superior clarity in label printing.

Learn more about UPM Raflatac Opticut Linerless.

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