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SPB & Ferre Etiquetes: Enhancing packaging recyclability to support a circular economy

Today’s consumers are well aware of the importance of sustainability. Responsible use of natural resources and aspects like packaging recyclability play a growing role in consumer minds. The demand for environmentally friendly products is not a trend but a reality to stay. The reduction of waste and the circularity of the packaging are rising values, especially for the younger generation.


1. Consumers demand sustainable packaging solutions that support a circular economy

2. SPB, Ferre Etiquetes and UPM Raflatac joined forces to enhance packaging recyclability

3. Wash-off adhesives enable recyclability by separating label materials during recycling


SPB, a Spanish home and personal care manufacturer sees innovation and sustainability as a part of its DNA and values. The company actively seeks new ways to improve the environmental sustainability of its packaging as it is becoming the decisive factor when making purchases.

“Consumers have become more aware. They read the labels and demand social, environmental, and economic sustainability from the manufactures. Sustainability is a highly valued element of responsible consumption,” says Carlos Aracil, Procurement Manager from SPB.



In the picture from left to right: Jose Mateu (UPM Raflatac), Angel Ferre and Josep Vicent Ferre (Ferre Etiquetes), Carlos Aracil (SPB) and Xavier Masdevall (UPM Raflatac)

Improving the packaging recyclability with Wash-off label solutions

To offer its customers packaging that supports the circular economy by enhancing recyclability, SPB has joined forces with UPM Raflatac and the printer Ferre Etiquetes. The collaboration has resulted in the implementation of the UPM Raflatac Wash-off labeling solution that supports the recycling process of SPB’s components.

Initially, it was Josep Vicent Ferre, the CEO of Ferre Etiquetes, who brought the three sustainability-minded companies together.

“SPB was looking for a sustainable label material that would enable its separation from packaging, thus improving the quality of recycled materials. At Ferre Etiquetes, we find it important to offer sustainable products for our clients, and we started the search for this type of soluble label material. We found the suitable material from our main supplier UPM Raflatac,” Ferre tells.

UPM Raflatac’s wash-off labeling solution helps to support the circular economy by enabling plastic labels to float off when washed. It supports the recycling process and reduces the contamination of plastic residues with other components.

SPB has found UPM Raflatac’s solution ideal for its packaging.

“After starting to use the wash-off adhesive, we have improved the classification of some of our packaging elements in the recycling process. We feel excited to be able to offer our clients packaging solutions that enhance recyclability and help them to reach their sustainability goals. The feedback we have received has been positive and encourages us to keep searching for innovations like this, “says Carlos Aracil from SPB.


Great collaboration to support the circular economy

Ferre Etiquetes has also found the project rewarding and believes it will help them to be a recognized printer for the firm commitment they are making for sustainability.

“We are pleased that SPB trusted us in this project as we share the same philosophy of sustainability and the care for the environment. With the help of our supplier UPM Raflatac, we were able to answer our client’s demand on a tight schedule,” Ferre says.

Both SPB and UPM Raflatac are signatories to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment. The companies have set clear targets to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging, and for SPB it means having 100 % of its packaging recyclable by 2025. The company is working hard to improve the recyclability of its packaging. Taking UPM Raflatac’s wash-off solution in use is a step closer to reaching its sustainability goals.




Spanish company SPB is a leader in the manufacture of home and personal care products. Founded in 1963, the family business employs around 600 customer-oriented people and sees innovation and sustainability as part of its DNA and values.

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Ferre Etiquetes

Ferre Etiquetes specializes in the design and printing of adhesive labels. The company manufactures labels for all types of applications and sectors.

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