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Stock Polska: Targeting zero waste to landfill with label release liner recycling

Stock Polska, a leading spirits business in Central & Eastern Europe, is the first company in Poland to have implemented the PET release liner waste service organised by UPM Raflatac. RafCycle by UPM Raflatac service enables Stock Polska to recycle its label waste instead of burning or landfilling, taking the company one step closer to reaching its sustainability targets on the road to zero landfill waste.


1. RafCycle recycling service has provided Stock Polska the needed solution for the disposal of its PET release liner waste

2. RafCycle recycles label waste that would otherwise go to landfill or incineration

3. As the first RafCycle partner in Poland, Stock Polska now gives label waste a new life as construction industry insulation materials

Well known for its vodkas and liquors, Stock Polska is keen to address the environmental issues linked to its production processes. To continuously improve its environmental and social performance and to achieve the Stock Spirits Group's 2019 goal of promoting zero waste in Poland, the company started to look for solutions to recycle its liner waste.  

Label waste recycling made easy

“We have been looking for a solution to recycle our label waste for a long time. Burning, the most common way of disposal, did not allow us to sleep our nights peacefully,” tells Katarzyna Wilczyńska-Stadnik, Stock Polski’s Group Environmental Protection Coordinator.

To secure a good night’s sleep, Stock Polski was introduced to UPM Raflatac’s recycling service, RafCycle, an innovative service enabling the recycling of liner waste.

The waste is collected from the RafCycle partners and instead of putting the waste to landfills, it gets a new life as construction industry insulation materials.


Reaching sustainability targets on the road to zero landfill waste

Joining RafCycle has enabled Stock Polska to solve one of its challenges on the road to zero landfill waste. 

“We were searching for a sustainable solution to recycle our liner waste and thanks to the cooperation with UPM Raflatac, we managed to fulfill our goal,” tells Marcin Szewczuk, responsible for the production material purchases and relations with suppliers at Stock Polska. 

“Starting the RafCycle partnership went smoothly and the company focused on implementing a sustainable solution that would meet our needs. Through this partnership we have realized that together we can build a more sustainable world and reduce the amount of waste," Szewczuk concludes. 

In the main picture: Marcin Szewczuk and Izabela Antczak


Stock Polska

The history of Stock Polska dates back to 1906, when Emil Plage, a well-known industrialist and visionary from Lublin, decided to establish the first spirit distillery in his town. Those were the origins of Polmos Lublin, known today as Stock Polska. Stock Polska has been a part of the Stock Spirits Group since 2007. The company is well known for its vodka-based flavoured liqueurs and its portfolio of clear vodkas.

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RafCycle by UPM Raflatac

The RafCycle waste management concept is a good example of thinking and acting circular. We don’t just recycle our production waste, we offer our customers and end-users a recycling solution that gives their label waste a new life.

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