Story | 06/25/2020 13:14:04 | 3 min Read time

Domino: Endorsing SY887R Premium Gloss UVI as industry standard

Converters aren’t the only industry players who have been applauding the outstanding performance of UPM Raflatac PP Gloss White UVI (SY887R) film label stock. OEMs such as Domino are also extolling the many benefits of the material. Boasting superior printability, excellent ink adhesion and consistent performance, the label product is optimized for UVI printing.


1. As a world-class press manufacturer, Domino needs a product that will showcase their machines’ capabilities to potential customers during each and every demonstration.

2. Boasting superior printability, excellent ink adhesion and consistent performance, SY887R Premium Gloss UVI is optimized for UV inkjet printing.

3. UPM Raflatac is dedicated to partnership, teamwork, and support when solving issues or questions from OEMs and converters.

“This product has proven to be consistent – we know what to expect each time we put this media on the Domino N610i,” says Matt Stein, Demo Room Supervisor at Domino. “The UPM Raflatac product allows us to easily highlight some of the best features of the Domino N610i.”

This is a boon to Domino when it comes to demonstrating its machines’ capabilities to customers.

“The quality and vibrancy of its output showcases the details and capabilities that the press can offer, especially when it comes to printing blends, textures, and all that surrounds label artwork,” says Stein.

He adds that Domino’s inks flow well on the UPM Raflatac media while still providing excellent adhesion and print quality. “When we put this media on the press, we are guaranteed results to the highest level,” says Stein.

The ideal solution for UV inkjet printing

Indeed, the outstanding quality and consistent performance of UPM Raflatac’s UVI film label stock make it ideal for superior UV inkjet printing applications, including variable information printing, according to Kirit Naik, Director of Global Digital Printing Technologies at UPM Raflatac.

“This material’s exceptional design means converters don’t need to apply expensive overlaminate to overcome thermal transfer printing gaps, in turn reducing costs,” he says.

The combination of Domino’s ink and the new UPM Raflatac UVI film label stock is akin to a “great marriage,” according to Stein. The label stock’s level of quality matches the level of quality Domino expects from its N610i press, he says. This is very useful when it comes to sales. “It helps our customers paint a picture of what they can sell to their customers,” says Stein.

The relationship between UPM Raflatac and OEMs like Domino extends beyond the provision of innovative labeling solutions that help the OEMs showcase their high-performing machines.

“Kirit and the entire UPM Raflatac team has always provided outstanding support when we were in a pinch, along with teamwork in problem solving customer issues or questions, all while providing a great working relationship,” says Stein.

To learn more about UPM Raflatac’s PP Gloss White UVI film label stock or to order samples, please contact your sales representative.