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Nice-Pak: Increasing the sustainability of wet wipe packaging with RafCycle

Leading global wet wipe manufacturer Nice-Pak places sustainability at the forefront of its company policy. By continually striving for more sustainable solutions they are well placed to support their claim to be “the world’s most innovative wet wipe manufacturer”.


1. As the first wet wipe business to implement RafCycle™, Nice-Pak is leading the way in the sustainable disposal of liner waste.

2. The RafCycle program recycles self-adhesive label waste that would otherwise go to landfill or incineration.

3. Great cooperation between UPM Raflatac and Nice-Pak ensures that the program runs smoothly and efficiently.

Nice-Pak employs over 900 people across three facilities and is the global leader in wet wipes, producing over 600 million packs a year in Europe alone. The company’s product range is designed for the family and home, and includes baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, moist toilet tissue, and household cleaning wipes.

Searching for sustainable solutions

“As part of our ongoing sustainability programme we were looking for a more environmentally friendly solution to dispose of the siliconized backing paper received from our label suppliers,” explains Peter Bushell, Packaging Development Manager for Nice-Pak International, whose job it was to oversee the implementation of the RafCycle service. “RafCycle was perfect for us.”

UPM Raflatac’s RafCycle service gives new life to self-adhesive label waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill or incineration. UPM Raflatac collects the waste directly from RafCycle partners and transports it to be processed, where it is de-siliconized before being recycled into new materials.​ This provides numerous benefits for printers, packers, and brand-owners – not to mention the environment.

Close cooperation and support

UPM Raflatac and Nice-Pak worked closely together to tackle any implementation challenges, making sure that the production and warehouse staff were all fully briefed on the importance of separating the siliconized backing paper during production and transferring it to the warehouse ready for collection. This has ensured that the backing paper is separated correctly with no contaminants.

“UPM Raflatac has been incredibly supportive – with me personally as well as with my production staff and warehouse operatives. This support has ensured that RafCycle runs as efficiently as possible. We now plan to roll out the RafCycle concept in our other operations in the UK and Germany. I would like to offer my thanks on behalf of Nice-Pak to UPM Raflatac for supporting us through this project and ensuring that we dispose of our waste sustainably.”

Main image: Juha Virmavirta, Director, RafCycle Solutions, UPM Raflatac (right) hands Peter Bushell, Nice-Pak Packaging Development Manager the RafCycle certificate for Nice-Pak.



Founded originally in New York in 1957, Nice-Pak International Ltd in the UK was established to develop the wet wipe market in Europe. Since then the company has helped families stay healthy and well, one wipe at a time.

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RafCycle™ by UPM Raflatac

Our RafCycle waste management concept is a good example of thinking and acting circular. We do not just recycle our own production waste but offer our customers and end-users a recycling solution that gives their label waste a new life.

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