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Luxoro: A label loved by the wind

Luxoro’s special edition 2018 label, Wind loved, was created to celebrate Vladimir Kokrhanek, the founder of Luxoro. The label reflects Kokrhanek’s life story and the choices he has made during his career.


1. Luxoro’s limited edition label, inspired by the founder of Luxoro, highlights the passions of the founder: love for the mountains and passion for sailing

2. This multilayer label features different effects including a wood-effect stamping and Spatial FX 3D effect

Vladimir Kokrhanek was born in Moravia, in Brno, in the heart of the Czech Republic. With his partner he undertook a long pilgrimage that took them to different parts of the world. Initially the couple landed in Brussels, then left for Argentina, and finally settled in Vigevano where Kokrhanek founded Luxoro in 1968 and brought it to be the company it is today. This year Luxoro, a global producer of foils and clichés, is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Label inspired by the passions of the founder

Luxoro’s Wind loved label has taken its inspiration from nature. The two passions of the founder, mountains and sailing were chosen to describe the figure and spirit of Vladimir Kokrhanek. The wind, a spirit that unites both elements, is represented by an unfurled sail that opens up between the mountains.

The label is designed by the Art Director Mario Di Paolo of the Spazio Di Paolo and is a composition on several levels that depicts the mountain peaks of the Valle d'Aosta.

“This is a highly technical label,” tells Jessica Liffredo of Graphic Industry Eurostampa, which was responsible for the realization of two overlapping layers: Velmart White WSA FSC and Raflamatt 90 WSA FSC.

Each layer of paper is worked with different effects. A wood-effect texture created by Hinderer and Muehlich (H+M) stamping tools gives warmth to the whole landscape that embraces the bottle as the trees embrace the mountains. On the last outer layer in the foreground our sail shows a three-dimensional effect thanks to Spatial FX® optical solution, recreated with the unique Trustseal®technology. The sail is a single flat image that gives the illusion of being explained to the wind, swollen with a 3D effect that gives immediate sensations to both sight and touch.

The wine itself is a chardonnay from an Italian winery, Les Cretes. The wine has been chosen by Jana Kokhnarek, a passioned wine lover.

Read more about the Les Crêtes winery


Established in 1968, Luxoro is the Italian agent and distributor of foil and cliché produced by the Kurz group. The company offers numerous solutions for graphics, packaging, labels, fashion, plastics, security, brand protection and brand enhancement.

UPM Raflatac product descriptions

Velmart White WSA FSC is a wood-free, machine-finished, with a characteristic embossing, wet-strength paper that is alkali resistant and mould proof. The typical touch and feel combined with the optimal level of whiteness makes it one of the most successful papers in our range.

Raflamatt WSA FSC is wood-free paper, with matt finishing, off-machine coated, that is wet strength and alkali resistant. It offers superior printability with most of the printing techniques.

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