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Zonin1821: Designing labels for New Chilean Wines

A family trip to South America was a revelatory moment for Domenico Zonin, President of Zonin1821, one of Italy’s premier wine producers and exporters: he knew Chile was the ideal location to expand the company’s horizons.


1. Collaboration between a global label stock company and a heritage Italian wine maker in Chile, with an Argentinian designer.

2. Elegant labels that synthesize the encounter between two different worlds.

3. UPM Raflatac’s new Santiago terminal offers an expanded range of innovative and sustainable paper and film label products, particularly for the wine, spirits and craft beverage markets.

“We saw in Chile a potential where we would channel our experience and combine it with a diversity of terroirs, microclimates and local expertise in creating fine Chilean wines with a distinctive Italian characters,” says Zonin1821’s export marketing manager David Fioravanti.

Fast forward a few years and the Dos Almas - or Two Souls - range of wines was born.

Combining two worlds with one label

One soul represents 200 years of experience in Italian wine production. The other soul represents Chile, and its potential for producing high quality New World wines.

“We wanted a style capable of reflecting the identity of Chile and Italy as distinct countries” says Argentinian Mariano Gioia, who designed the brand identity for the wine labels.

“We designed the label to synthesize the encounter between two different worlds in a straightforward and simple way. The final result has elegance conveyed by an Italian style combined with contemporary features from the New World” he says. 


UPM Raflatac’s Fleur de Coton White WSA FSC was chosen for the Dos Almas Reserva trio of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, and Sauvignon Blanc.

“Fleur de Coton is natural paper, it is white, textured and has good opacity: it stands out on the bottle” says UPM Raflatac´s Sales Manager Edmund Ayres.

“It is typical Chilean style and has become a part of national wine design identity. Natural paper means the white unprinted areas of the label are not hard and cold, they want to have some character for these white spaces and they achieve it by using natural paper” he says. 


Expanding markets with new terminal

Chile and surrounding markets benefit from UPM Raflatac’s new Santiago terminal, which opened in January. It offers an expanded range of innovative and sustainable paper, film and specialist products, particularly for the wine and craft beverage markets.

UPM Raflatac’s new facility expands the company’s global reach, bringing quality materials to the market, so they’re able work with new customers like Zonin1821 and Dos Almas wines in creative ways. 

With the North Star and Southern Cross featured so prominently on the Dos Almas labels, the collaboration between a Finnish company and a heritage Italian wine maker in Chile, with an Argentinian designer, seems like a perfect set of partnerships.

Main image: Today, three brothers represent the seventh generation of Zonin1821’s history: Domenico Zonin - President, Francesco Zonin (left) and Michele Zonin (right) - Vice-Presidents


Zonin1821, established in 1821, is the biggest private wine producer in Italy, which exports 50.6 million bottles of wine in a year to over 100 countries. Dos Almas is their new Chilean brand born to combine Chilean terroir with Italian winemaking tradition.

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UPM Raflatac product description

Fleur de Coton White WSA FSC is a white, textured, wood-free paper with wet strength, alkali resistant and mould proof treatments. It is a very versatile paper featuring a pleasant tactility and a natural white shade combined with an high level of opacity that makes it suitable for red and white wine labeling.