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Salla Estate: Heraldic label with a modern twist

​Salla Estate is a Bulgarian winery located close to the medieval Muhaliysko Kale fortress which is full of artifacts dating all the way back to the Stone and Middle Ages. Labelmaker Jordan Jelev, designer of the Salla Estate wine label, was inspired by the history and tradition of the area and wanted to create a heraldic label with a modern twist.

“Salla Estate is a winery where tradition meets modernity in every aspect. I decided to create a modern heraldic label that would represent the past, present and future,” Jelev says.

For the label, Jelev chose UPM Raflatac’s Velmart White WSA-FSC material because he wanted a thick classic paper with elegant random texture to strengthen the traditional feel he was aiming for. He also used saturated gold hot-foil to stamp the Salla Estate logo.


“Influenced and inspired by heraldic tradition and modern design, I created a pattern with diagonal lines printed directly and raised varnish against the paper background. I did some research for the lines’ thickness and spacing and the result was amazing. These lines made the whole label shine and they were the perfect addition to the paper background creating the best environment for the logo. The label is very elegant and contains only the most important information,” Jelev says.

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Client: Salla Estate
Designer: The Labelmaker
Label material: Velmart White WSA-FSC by UPM Raflatac
Photo: Jordan Jelev