Story | 06/07/2017 10:13:00

Early Birds: A symbol of family and new beginnings

Early Birds is a brand designed by the Labelmaker Jordan Jelev. The brand was created for the mid-range wines of the Stratsin Winery. When designing the label, Jelev wanted to highlight the idea of a family. He created an illustration of a nest with two eggs to represent the two owners of the winery.


“Early Birds is their first wine project born in their new winery nest. I wanted to create something unique and memorable - a symbol of family, love, tradition, generations and new beginnings”, Jelev describes.

The label is printed on UPM Raflatac’s Velmart White WSA-FSC, a material familiar to Jelev. At the top part of the label Jelev has hand lettered the Early Birds name and stamped it with matt copper hot-foil. Below are the grape variety and the winery name followed by the drawing of a nest with two eggs. The final design is also overprinted with transparent raised varnish.


“Velmart White WSA-FSC was my choice because of its nice balanced random texture and pure white color – a perfect canvas for my artwork. I am really happy with the final result. Early Birds is an epitome in a custom wine label.”

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Client: Stratsin Winery 
Designer: The Labelmaker 
Label material: Velmart White WSA-FSC by UPM Raflatac
Photos: Jordan Jelev