Story | 05/02/2017 10:18:00

Marqués de Irún: Pearlescent silver for an awarded Spanish gold

​Marqués de Irún is 100% Verdejo – the signature grape of the Rueda denomination of origin, northwest of Madrid. It is believed to have been cultivated in this area since the 11th century. Design studio Unopuntocuatro was approached by Grupo Luis Caballero for a redesign of this significant label.

“The consumer profile for Verdejo de Rueda is very diverse. Marqués de Irún is a classic in this category, but at the same it’s important that its presentation is contemporary and above all differentiating,” comments Antonio Carrasco from Unopuntocuatro.

“The redesign had to be in part a continuation, maintaining some elements of the previous presentation like the clear bottle and the arc form of the label. To balance this we chose UPM Raflatac’s Rhomboid Pearl Ice. The texture of this silver-coated, embossed and pearlescent paper and its peculiar brightness make the transformation much more remarkable.” 

UPM Raflatac’s Ice label products have been developed to withstand temperature fluctuations. They remain smoothly adhered in humid refrigerated storage, and stay free from edge-lift, bubbles, and wrinkles. Carrasco says the Rhomboid Pearl Ice label paper fulfils all expectations perfectly. Even with exposure to demanding ice bucket conditions, the label paper continues to fulfil all expectations.

Label converter Argraf printed the labels using UV offset printing technology, including embossing, stamping and screen printing. 

Caballero has distributors and sales representatives for its brands in more than 50 countries. Their Marqués de Irún 2016 has received a gold medal at the Bacchus Awards 2017, the most prestigious international wine contest in Spain, organized by the Spanish Wine Tasters’ Union.

Client: Grupo Luis Caballero
Designer: Unopuntocuatro 
Printing house: Argraf 
Label material: UPM Raflatac’s Rhomboid Pearl Ice / RP30 / WG85