Story | 12/02/2016 11:37:00

For Kings and Actors: Greek wines rely on minimalist sophistication

When the Ampelou Chora Winery in Greek redesigned the labels for their 'Actors' and 'For Kings' wines, they pursued a dual approach to minimalism. The new look is both simple and bold, clever and entertaining, all at once.


Subtle minimalism exudes sophistication. The same figure is portrayed on both wines in different roles; the King and the Actor. Each figure is making a toast to good health, and they were designed based on classic playing cards, evoking a game of wine tasting.

The labels for these wines are designed by Noon Design+Branding and printed by Al. Payiantzas SA on UPM Raflatac's Velmart White WSA label material. Velmart is a thick, textured face paper ideally suited to wine and beverage labelling. The embossed structure of the paper together with gold foiling and pink copper details give a tactile feel which suggests an exceptional choice of wine.

Here's to our health! Or 'Yamas' as they say in Greece.

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