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Blog | 09/30/2019 09:50:09 | 4 min Read time

5 Trends in labeling and package design for home and personal care brands

Jan Hasselblatt

Director, Global Business Development, Home and Personal Care, UPM Raflatac

Current trends in the labeling and packaging industry include eye-catching and attractive labeling designs, a strong presence of sustainable solutions, personalized human-to-human branding and labels’ extended role as media.

Interesting juxtapositions in current labeling trends

When I look at the trends that are steering the world of labeling and packaging, I can see a couple very interesting, even paradoxical lines of development emerging.

Here, I have collected my list of 5 major trends emerging in labeling and packaging:

1.    Eye-catching and attractive labeling design for increased attention: it’s no longer enough to have a well-known, well-recognized brand - packaging must speak to the consumer.

Brands are using elaborate and extravagant materials in astonishingly creative ways in their labeling and packaging. Film labels are increasing in popularity; especially metallic films with decorations that stand out on the shelf. No wonder, as according to research, consumers love brands that surprise them with their inspirational packaging.

2.    Eco-design and taking responsibility

Consumers, especially the younger ones, find sustainability and environmental issues critical in their purchasing decisions. It has, therefore, become vital for brands to show their ecological commitment through design for circularity.

Labels are an important link in the circular economy. Labeling solutions that support the recycling of packaging, such as our wash-off labels, support the circular use of materials. Their special adhesive allows the label to wash off in the recycling processes, which allows clean PET-flakes that can be reused 100% to create new recycled products and packaging.

3.    The gap between global giants vs. indie brands is narrowing: Personalized branding and relatable human-to-human stories.

I’ve also noticed an interesting emergence of smaller, independent personal care brands. What is even more interesting, is to see how the big global players have started to take influence from these successful indie brands.

By adopting personalized looks and great stories for their brand and labeling, the global corporations are moving closer to their consumers. The way to the millennials hearts goes through relatable, human-to-human stories that truly speak to an individual. Big brands’ challenge here is to make their stories feel more personal and resonate with their audiences.

4.    With the right labels packaging can become unique and important media.

By now, I presume we’re all quite familiar with QR-codes and brands offering additional information through applications and social media on their labels and packaging. QR and invisible codes on products add a whole new dimension to the consumer journey, which the brand owners interact their consumers with.

As stated by Virpi Korhonen in my previous blog post, labels are a unique media with a unique reach to consumers’ personal spaces: smartphones and homes. Brands have recognized this opportunity and see it as an opportunity to gain an even firmer foothold in the market via intelligent, technology-aided labeling.

5.    New dynamics in labeling design decision-making

Lastly, I’ve noticed that marketing teams have an even stronger presence and responsibility in the decision-making regarding the labeling and packaging design of a brand. How I interpret this strengthens our ambitions at UPM Raflatac to partner with others: Collaboration is key.

Innovation does not happen in a vacuum, and by strengthening the cooperation between stakeholders, we can continue to develop new and better packaging and labeling solutions beyond fossils.

If you’d like to know how UPM Raflatac can help you build your business effectively with the help of our labels, innovation and know-how, download our guide:


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Jan Hasselblatt

Jan Hasselblatt

Director, Global Business Development, Home and Personal Care, UPM Raflatac | “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take"
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