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New trends and fresh opportunities for food labels

Pascal Oliveira

Director, Global Business Development, Food, UPM Raflatac

Food labeling is growing in step with the expanding consumer packaging market. New cooking and eating habits are increasing demand for specialized food packaging in developed markets as the fast rise of the middle class in emerging markets promise solid growth for the food labeling industry.

Today’s consumers want to know what they buy and eat. There is increasing need for transparency and product information as well as for ‘free-of’ products. Food companies also recognize we all “eat with our eyes”, so packaging that is visually stimulating is appealing to consumers. 

Another raising trend, intelligent labeling solutions such us our RafMore by UPM Raflatac, offer access to extended information in the cloud and can also extend the overall brand experience. Intelligent labels are very useful for logistical purposes, enabling food packages to be tracked and traced along the value chain.

In the wake of increasing consumer awareness on packaging sustainability, most food companies are looking for solutions to make their packaging more sustainable. Legislators and the public are putting more pressure on producers to significantly reduce packaging waste, in particular plastic.

In the forest-based products value chain, we are in a unique position to create circular labeling solutions that will help tackle the problem. We offer sustainable solutions like the RafCycle™ by UPM Raflatac recycling service for label waste to give it a new life. In addition, our forest positive UPM Raflatac RAFNXT+ range provides reductions in energy, water, CO2 emissions and waste throughout their lifecycle.

As the household sizes are shrinking, the need for smaller packaging sizes is increasing. At the same time, the drive to reduce food waste favours smaller packaging sizes. It extends over the whole food supply chain and also impacts food labeling because smaller sizes require more packaging. 

Awareness of sustainability and the impacts of packaging are changing the labeling and packaging industries. In the end, it is all about eco-design to create sustainable label solutions, to listen to the market needs and driving new developments and innovations further to support the success of our customers and their clients.



Pascal Oliveira

Pascal Oliveira

Director, Global Business Development, Food, UPM Raflatac | ”Do not give up and go for your goals."