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It all started from the forest

Satu Leppänen

Manager, Sustainability, UPM Raflatac

A lady reaches for a box of organic strawberries in a grocery store. A salesperson opens a bottle of champagne to celebrate the holiday season. A little boy is attaching an animal-themed sticker stamp to Grandma’s birthday card.

Even though seemingly disconnected, all of these stories began from a forest. This forest can be located anywhere in the world, the species of trees might vary, and it might be a living habitat to a large number of species. This forest has a lot to offer to local communities: it produces fresh air, it maintains water resources, and even food, like forest berries and mushrooms, can be found there. The forest might be a place for recreation and work. The management of the forest is carefully planned, and after harvest the forest will be replanted or naturally generated. All in all, this forest is valuable for all.

Sometimes well-managed forests like this are awarded with a certificate as a proof that they are managed sustainably. Wood harvested from a sustainably managed forest can be turned into a variety of products. As a tree goes through further processing, it carries with it an influential message about being of sustainable origin as a part of packaging design.

Wood fibres can be transformed into some of the finest label materials that can be used in UPM Raflatac’s products. Currently, our selection includes over 850 forest-certified label products. Our top of the line sustainability solutions, UPM Raflatac RAFNXT+ labels, are not only 100% certified, but also forest positive - including being carbon positive. This means that our forests can absorb up to twice the Co2 amount emitted during the lifetime of the label. RAFNXT+ labels are also prime examples of solutions that produce less waste, and optimise water and energy consumption and use of raw materials. By choosing sustainable labeling solutions, brands can support sustainable practices along the supply chain while using the label to communicate to their customers.

After all, it is the label that tells the lady that the strawberries are organic, communicates the content of the bottle to the salesperson, and helps the little boy in sending best wishes to his Grandma.

But we don’t want the story to end here. We want to see more sustainable labels on products, and more of those valuable, sustainably managed forests. Furthermore, we want to invite brands to work with us on labelling a smarter future.

On the last Friday of September, we join the Forest Stewardship Council™ to celebrate the importance of the world’s forests. By taking care of the forests, we want to ensure that the forests are there for the future generations as well. This is a goal that we will achieve together with our clients and with brands that want to make a difference.

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Satu Leppänen

Satu Leppänen

Manager, Sustainability, UPM Raflatac | "I wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored." – Sir David Attenborough