Responsible sourcing

At UPM Raflatac, we have pinpointed our raw materials as one of our biggest sources of environmental impact in our business, and, for this reason, we have identified responsible sourcing as one of our top priorities. With over 5,000 suppliers in around 60 countries, working together with them is essential for our journey toward a more sustainable future.  

Respecting environmental, social and economic responsibility through systematic requirements

Transparent and systematic supplier requirements are the basis for our supplier selection process and supplier performance evaluation. These requirements define our expectations in terms of ethical sourcing practices, including economic, social and environmental aspects. Through these activities, we live up to our values, and take responsibility, globally, for matters such as resource efficiency, human rights and labour law. 

Collaboration is the key to responsible sourcing

We carefully select suppliers who act responsibly and we do everything we can to help them improve their performance and their business. Together we aim at creating sustainable solutions and because labels matter we want to make every bit of raw materials count.

To inspire our suppliers to commit to sustainability and responsible sourcing, we have created the Label Life Awards concept. With this concept, we recognize suppliers whose sustainability initiatives promote best practices in responsible sourcing. Furthermore, the concept encourages the sharing of ideas among our suppliers.

Responsible sourcing puts the focus on raw materials

Responsible sourcing begins by focusing on the very first step of the value chain: the raw materials. Our responsible sourcing goals are ambitious: by 2030 we aim to have 100% of our raw material spend qualified against the UPM Supplier Code.

For papers, our target is to obtain our wood fiber from 100% certified sources. Today, we already track the wood species and the countries of origin to meet the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation and the US Lacey Act.

We also continuously look for sustainable options and product innovations in films, adhesives and silicones. Examples of these sustainability solutions include bio-based films and lightweight materials. 

Responsible label sourcing in action

Raw material sourcing requires continuous commitment and thorough processes. To ensure a sustainable value chain, actions are needed from self-adhesive label producers, printers and brand owners. At UPM Raflatac, our process has six major sections:

  • Internal compliance through our Code of Conduct and responsible sourcing guidelines 
  • Transparent supplier requirements through the UPM Supplier and Third Party Code 
  • Systematic risk assessment based on surveys, audits, and high risk identification, for example 
  • Surveys about responsibility, product safety, and fiber origin 
  • Continuous supplier development, including supplier audits, ranking and feedback 
  • Value creation through business support, cooperation activities and Label Life Awards.

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