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Thermal transfer papers

​Thermal transfer printing creates an image by melting solid ink coated on a film ribbon and transferring it onto a receiving material, which can be an uncoated paper, a coated paper or a film. The chemical and physical properties on the surface of a label stock’s face material determine the type of thermal transfer ribbon compatible with that product. There are three main types of ribbons: wax ribbons, wax/resin ribbons and resin ribbons.

Thermal transfer products from UPM RaflatacOne of the most critical requirements of any thermal transfer application is the longevity and durability of the label in difficult environmental, physical or chemical conditions. The thermal transfer printed image must be equally enduring whether the end-use is tracking and tracing, product identification, logistics or industrial.

UPM Raflatac is constantly looking for ways to make the selection and use of thermal transfer label stock easier. We work actively with material and ribbon manufacturers and carefully follow the developments taking place in thermal printing technologies. This, combined with a thorough understanding of the requirements of your process and end-use applications, has enabled us to design a streamlined, dedicated thermal transfer product range that covers all of the different thermal transfer applications.

 Thermal transfer product range

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