Squeezable film labels

Squeezable containers make up a large percentage of the home and personal care markets and can present their own unique challenges. Labeling solutions for wall-to-wall squeezable containers must be flexible and resilient enough to remain attractive and informative to consumers after withstanding a high number of repeated squeezes and being placed in damp or humid environments.

Depending upon the container type and end-use segment, UPM Raflatac recommends Raflex Plus and PE film label materials for fully squeezable containers and tubes.

 Clear films

 White films

 Metalized films

Fully squeezable container examples 

Hair conditioner containers are normally wall-to-wall squeezable due to the high viscosity of the conditioner itself. Raflex Plus is an ideal choices for keeping these high-end products looking their very best squeeze after squeeze.

Compound curve

Bottles that feature a compound curve also often require full wall-to-wall squeezability based on the types of liquids or gels they normally contain. The difference here is that a full squeeze is needed at the bottom of the bottle where the curve is wider. Therefore, we recommend PE, due to its excellent flexibility and conformability on contoured container shapes.

​Tube labeling

Tube labeling can present additional challenges, and tube labels must be fully squeezable. Our PE materials are highly robust, fully flexible and conformable, and will endure the heaviest of wall-to-wall squeezes.

​Squeezable containers – typical end-uses

Squeezable film label products

Sales code Product description
3.3 mil PE CLEAR TC RP37 2.2 mil HIGH DENSITY
3.3 mil PE WHITE TC RP37 2.2 mil HIGH DENSITY
3.3 mil PE WHITE TC RP37 1.2 mil PET
3.3 mil PE SILVER TC RP37 2.2 mil HIGH DENSITY