Clear films

​Clear films labels are one of the best ways to achieve the "no label look" on a wide variety of containers, such as clear plastic and glass. The higher the clarity of the label, the higher the appeal. Combining optically-clear rigid, semi-rigid and conformable films with a clear adhesive on a clear PET liner can help you achieve the optimal no-label look.

Compared to direct screen printing, a no-label look offers greater opportunities for product differentiation and visual appeal, and self-adhesive labels allow for a wider range of printing, foiling and embossing techniques. They also offer greater flexibility for managing container stocks.


Our ultra-thin VANISH™ PET films redefine how companies can maximize brand representation while boosting quality and performance to new levels. Featuring 0.92 mil and 1.2 mil face stocks, these robust products provide the perfect canvas for innovative imagery previously considered unattainable by creative designers. And their dimensional stability, excellent ink reception and dispensing properties simultaneously allow manufacturers to embrace new productivity gains and realize packaging material reductions throughout their processes.​

PP Clear

Clear polypropylene (PP) films have historically been a standard option for the no-label look on rigid and semi-squeezable containers. Their thin caliper allows for seamless label integration, and PP materials are ideal for applications requiring resistance against water, oil and chemicals in the food, beverage and home and personal care segments.

Cavitated PP achieves high opacity with less material than solid PP and is the market standard. Solid PP is stronger and more resistant to delamination and stretching, offering robust performance in demanding applications such as resealable labels or when labels need to be removed or re-positioned.



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 Clear films product range

​For a full product range, please contact your UPM Raflatac representative.
Sales codeProduct description
SY313H1.6 mil PP CLEAR TC / RP74 / 0.92 mil PET
SY262E1.6 mil PP CLEAR TC / RP76 / 0.92 mil PET
SY514M2.0 mil PET CLEAR TC / RP37 / 3.2 mil HI-WHITE KRAFT
SY1479H2.0 mil PET CLEAR TC / RX15 / 2.2 mil HIGH DENSITY
SY1485P2.0 mil PET CLEAR TC / RX18 / 2.2 mil HIGH DENSITY
SY429Y2.0 mil PHARMACLEAR PP TC / RC3P / 1.2 mil PET
SP468S2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RH15 / 1.2 mil PET
SY1131V2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RH15 / 40# NATURAL KRAFT
SP320M2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RH15 / 40# WHITE KRAFT
SP343L2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RH25 / 2.2 mil HIGH DENSITY
SY14X2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RP37 / 1.2 mil PET
SY105C2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RP37 / 2.2 mil HIGH DENSITY
SP380Z2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RP37 / 3.2 mil HI-WHITE KRAFT
SY1108W2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RP37 / 40# NATURAL KRAFT
MS0446F2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RP37 / 40# NATURAL KRAFT
SY07P2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RP37 / 44# PK
SY1349X2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RP48AT / 2.4 mil HIGH DENSITY
SY483E2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RP48AT / 40# WHITE KRAFT
SY137R2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RP74 / 1.2 mil PET
SY187X2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RP76 / 1.2 mil PET
SP401W2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RR19 / 40# WHITE KRAFT
SY1068E2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RR20 / 1.2 mil PET
SY1163D2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RR20 / 40# WHITE KRAFT
SY1422Y2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / RW85C / 1.2 mil PET PCR
SP070A2.0 mil PP CLEAR TC / XR13 / 1.5 mil PET

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