Film labeling solutions: Put your best face forward

​We've designed our innovative film label stock portfolios to service a variety of end-use areas, such as food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceuticals, among others, to help companies find new ways to distinguish their brands, improve the overall appearance of packaging and secure consumer safety.

All of our clear, white and metalized film label materials are optimized for high productivity in conversion and dispensing operations. Our adhesives offer clean and stable performance at high and low speeds as well as excellent water-whitening resistance for exposure to moist and humid environments. And our strong film label faces and liners ensure reliable runnability in a variety of conditions.

Our thin film products, like VANISH™, meet industry demands for exceptional value, quality and increased environmental awareness. Thinner materials allow for more labels per roll, which can lead to efficiency gains and packaging material reductions throughout your processes. 

From rigid to conformable, we're a perfect fit for your containers

When choosing labels for complex end-uses, you may encounter a wide variety of requirements and limitations based on container shape, size, material and squeezability. Our goal is to help you choose the optimal film construction for your specific application. Our extensive range of clear, white and metalized film face materials are designed to fit a variety of bottle types – from rigid to conformable – so brands remain intact no matter how hard you squeeze.