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Spirits labeling

When a consumer looks at your bottle on the shelf, it’s often your first opportunity to make an impression. So the question is this: how well does your label communicate your brand? ​

Pressure-sensitive labels help communicate your brand’s story, providing a graphic canvas that both shows and tells the company’s commitment to artisanship. We offer textured, colored, and metallized papers and films to create eye-catching, informative labels that influence the consumer’s purchasing decision. 

Achieve the disappearing act with clear labels

Sometimes the best look in wine or spirits labeling is no look at all. We offer ultra-clear films that disappear on the bottle for a transparent label look. They are paired with a smooth film liner and specialty high-clarity adhesives to deliver ultimate transparency and exceptional wet-out performance. The effect is comparable to printing directly on the bottle.

Using “no label” look films enables you to use a greater number of techniques to design film stocks, adapt quickly to changing market needs and manage bottle stocks more efficiently.  Learn more about our invisible product range »

Take the plunge with wine and spirits labels

Wine and spirits labels face very special handling and storage challenges. These labeling solutions must be specifically designed to have superb resistance to humid conditions and water, and must minimize the potential for label creasing when bottles are subject to cold storage and temperature fluctuations during shipping. Our specialized adhesives tolerate fluctuations in temperature and humidity during transport, storage and the retail environment and our wet strength additive (WSA) face stocks assure a lasting impression of a premium-label brand.  

To learn more about our specific adhesives that would work for you wine or spirits applications, download our renewed Label Stock Adhesive Book to find your perfect fit!

Silvervac WSA: Your label gets new life

Product packaging proves to heavily influence consumer purchasing decisions. How your product appears on the retail shelf is important, but what about the recognition of your brand during or after its consumption? The life of the label depends on many factors, including the environment that the product will be stored or consumed. Factors such as moisture, humidity and freezing conditions can adversely affect paper label stocks. Silvervac WSA, ideal for beverage, beer and spirits labeling, ensures your brand image survives throughout the lifecycle of your product. Learn more about Silvervac WSA » 

Spirits label products

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