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Ultra-thin clear films for food package labeling

​​Introducing VANISH™ – the truly invisible label

​UPM Raflatac’s new VANISH™ range of clear PET films redefines how companies can maximize brand representation while boosting quality and performance to new levels. With a 0.92 mil face stock, these thin, yet robust products are the perfect canvas for innovative imagery previously considered unattainable by creative designers.

And their dimensional stability, excellent ink reception and dispensing properties simultaneously allow manufacturers to embrace new productivity gains and realize packaging material reductions throughout their processes.

Hungry for change in food labeling

In the food package labeling segment, many companies have been using either glue-applied wraps or paper pressure sensitive materials to distinguish their goods. But with VANISH™, they now have an economical, clear-on-clear option to drive product sales even further – or completely change their decorating method altogether.

On rigid packaging, like PET clamshells or clear glass containers, VANISH™ labels allow consumers to view the product while still recognizing its brand. When the label disappears, consumers can more easily see what they are buying; and therefore, these items are more likely to dominate retail shelf space compared to similar goods featuring a paper label or glue-applied material.

Clear-on-clear VANISH™ films also provide the perfect opportunity to display higher-end graphics with more freedom in shape and product size – and offer several productivity gains.

Manufacturers who previously were forced to purchase large quantities of pre-printed packaging materials can now save on material and packaging costs – and storage space – while achieving the same graphic effects with VANISH™. And these clear thin label stocks open the door to even more possibilities, like expanding flavor ranges, producing small batches, changing imagery with ease and differentiating existing product lines.

VANISH™ benefits:

  • True no-label look
  • Gives higher quality impression
  • Replacement for paper
  • Productivity gains
  • Ideal for glass and PET rigid containers

VANISH label products

​For a full product range, please contact your UPM Raflatac representative

Sales codeProduct description
SY359FVANISH 92 RP76 0.92 mil PET
​​SY350W​​​​​VANISH 92 TC RP74  0.92 mil PET​
SY360GVANISH 92 TC RP76 0.92 mil PET             
SY799Q​VANISH 120 TC RP76 1​.2 mil PET​​​

A premium appearance with an Ecodesign

VANISH is a remarkable achievement you’ll have to see to appreciate – but ironically, you won’t really see the label at all.

So, we invite you to visit our new Label Life tool, where you can assess the benefits of switching to VANISH from a comprehensive life. Contact your UPM Raflatac representative for more information.