HPP - Compatible products: Clean labels that shine under pressure

HPP – The pressure is on for your labels

High pressure processing (HPP) is a non-thermal pasteurization alternative to heat processing. This increasingly popular preservation method is designed to extend the shelf lives of certain products while maintaining a flavor- rich, homemade taste. HPP provides product stability and nutrient retention for fresh foods as well as those in more traditional packaging forms, like processed meats.

The HPP method involves placing freshly processed food its final package and subjecting the contents to an intense level of hydrostatic pressure within a high-pressure vessel. Package form and integrity remains unchanged, as the amount of pressure is equal on every side/part of the product.

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The most common examples of HPP-packaged goods include puree, coulis, sauces, juices, smoothies, hummus, fruit and vegetable chunks and slices, processed meats and ready-to-eat products.

HPP has many advantages

HPP Benefits:

  • Sustainability – HPP only requires electricity and water (which can be recycled)
  • Shelf life – HPP significantly extends product shelf life (up to 10 times longer) and preserves freshness and natural flavor
  • Food safety– Microbial safety is controlled, allowing for development of clean label products
  • Fresh appearance – Non-thermal process keeps original fruit/vegetable color, taste and shape – which conveys high-quality, premium appearance
  • Healthier alternative – HPP allows for vitamin and antioxidant-rich foods

HPP - Compatible products

Our film products are the perfect match for this all-natural, clean and environmentally-friendly technology. These label stocks hold up under the demanding conditions of the HPP process, but show:

  • No visible evidence of flagging
  • No edge lifting
  • No deterioration of the print quality or label itself

Whether your products have undergone the HPP process in a bottle, cup, pouch, tray or other package type, our film products are up to the challenge. All of our film label stock constructions with RP74 and RP76 adhesives are compatible with HPP processes. These label materials can help you showcase branding, reinforce extended shelf lives and promote fresh, homemade taste.

And with their unique non-water whitening properties, our ultra-clear VANISH™ products featuring RP76 adhesive are a perfect choice for the HPP beverage market!