Turnkey digital printing solutions: UPM Raflatac and EFI® Jetrion

​Want to convert make-ready into always ready? Look no further than UPM Raflatac labelstocks and EFI® Jetrion’s™ state-of-the-art digital presses. UPM Raflatac offers more than 30 certified labelstocks that perform flawlessly on EFI® Jetrion™ Industrial UV Inkjet machines, including the 4000, 4550, 4800 and 4900 presses.

When you team up with UPM Raflatac and EFI® Jetrion™, you’ll be able to take the label to the limit and unlock a host of benefits including:

  • Eye-catching, full-color labels that put premium branding capabilities in the hands of specialty industries and smaller businesses
  • Short- and medium-sized printing capabilities that are ideal for product launches, targeted marketing campaigns and boutique labeling operations 
  • The ability to run last-minute jobs with ease, increasing revenues and profitability 
  • Higher productivity, with streamlined work processes, lower labor costs and decreased waste 
  • A pay-per-use inking strategy and no need to use over and under laminates