Labels for water, soft drinks, and ready-to-drink beverages

​UPM Raflatac’s pressure sensitive beverage labeling solutions are designed to help differentiate your brand on the retail shelf and provide new opportunities for high-quality graphics and text. These clear-on-clear, white, thin, matte and metalized paper and film materials are versatile, innovative and functional, combining stunning good looks with excellent printability, convertibility and durability. And to help companies make the switch from cut-and-stack to pressure sensitive labels, our adhesives are designed to help increase automated packaging throughput while providing exceptional wet strength on bottles.

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Drink responsibly with our RW85C film label products for PET water and juice bottles

To demonstrate our commitment to product recyclability and reuse, we have recently developed a range of film label materials that meet the Association of Plastic Recyclers' (APR) requirements for PET bottle recycling. Ideal for labeling PET water and juice bottles, these clear and white film label stocks featuring RW85C wash-off adhesive are able to undergo common PET recycling processes without contaminating any of the PET flake by-products. During the washing process, the labels easily separate from the PET container and float, allowing high-value, clean PET flakes to be recovered.

​The right adhesive for any job    

Beverage label adhesives must be able to withstand a variety of environments ranging from dry and humid temperatures to wet and freezing conditions before, during and after the application process. If the container is placed in conditions that don’t suit the adhesive, flagging, shrinking or swelling of the label face may start to occur. This can also often lead to the development of bubbles or wrinkles in paper and film face materials.

Textured, colored and metalized papers or ultra-clear and white films can all be used to create highly visual and informative labels that can help water, high-end soda and alcoholic beverages stand out on crowded retail shelves. Many brands sport the “no label” or transparent label look where letters and images seem suspended on glass and plastic bottles. These labels seamlessly adhere to the surface of bottles to create an impression of purity and quality. When paired with carefully chosen adhesives, they also retain exceptional clarity in a range of environmental conditions – and provide a crystal-clear wet-out when combined with a PET liner. Beer and cider labels have long been a standard for innovation, adopting ultra-thin film labels and liners as well as paper faces and liners that can withstand cold, moist conditions and those paired with a wet-strength additive that maintains branding possibilities. Other beverage manufacturers are following suit, adopting downgauged labeling solutions that convey quality, while delivering increased productivity and cost savings.


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Water and soft drink label products

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