Labels for craft beers and beverages

Whether a single product from a small brewery or micro distillery, to a premium range from a major producer, the craft beverage market includes a wide range of products – from beers & ciders to premium soft drinks & mixers, and even craft spirits.

The one factor that ties all craft beverages together is the consumer’s perception that only the highest-quality ingredients and loving care are put into their creation.

​Stand out in a competitive market

The craft beverage market is as competitive as ever. The label is your shopfront, the place to display everything from the logo to handmade cursive fonts in order to attract attention. Wine bottles may have received more attention when it comes to label design, but the growing popularity of small-run and premium craft beverages is opening up a whole new world in label design.

To match the uniqueness of your craft beverages, labels with a ‘natural’ and ‘craft’ look give you an advantage in a market saturated with choice. Designers are looking for textured papers with a visual and tactile depth that connects with today's consumers. From the producer and retailer's perspective the label is a marketing tool that attracts, intrigues, and closes the deal.

​A label as unique as your story

High quality self-adhesive labels from UPM Raflatac help communicate your brand story – a graphic canvas that brings to life your company’s commitment to artisanship.

Our textured, colored, and metallized papers and ultra-clear and white film materials look stunning decorated with embossing or foiling, offering you a multitude of design options that give your craft beer labels and labels for other craft beverages shelf appeal, brand promotion, and a strong presence. We also have specially-formulated adhesives that emerge from the pasteurization process without whitening, making them perfect for craft beverages.

When compared to wet-glue labeling, self-adhesive labeling offers a broad range of operational advantages, including faster changeovers, less waste, and reduced clean up. It also gives the flexibility to accommodate varying label sizes, shapes, and designs, especially on short labeling runs.

​A wide range of label faces

  • Textured and embossed papers come in matt or gloss with a wide range of different textures. They accept different printing techniques, making them ideal for telling the story and expressing the character of your craft beverage.
  • Metallized papers and foils help achieve high visual impact and strengthen the impression of quality.
  • Clear and white film materials can be used to give either a trendy no-label look or white label with printed designs.
  • VANISH™ films use an ultra-thin label face and ultra-clear adhesive to create a true no-label look on glass and PET bottles, as well as aluminum cans, without affecting their recyclability.
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