Choose the right paper face material

UPM Raflatac has a wide array of paper-faced products to choose from. Uncoated papers are often the best choice for office and retail information labeling, because they are inexpensive and provide excellent value in a printed piece. Coated papers have excellent runnability and printability, bringing out the best in the printed label. You'll find these products in a wide array of consumer products. Eye-catching fluorescents, color vellum materials, foils and metalized papers are designed for advertising and decoration purposes.

Which type of face material should you choose for your next printing project? We have organized our paper-faced labeling products in the table below so that you can easily review and select the best product for your particular end-use. Our product index gives you detailed information on each paper face material, its appearance, use, printability and other technical values.

Face type

Properties and end-uses

Uncoated papersUncoated papers are an  ideal choice for everyday office and business use.
Coated papers Coated papers are used for a range of industry applications including office documentation and information labeling, direct mail and charity labeling, mail closure labels and even shelf marking
Thermal transfer papersThermal transfer printing creates an image by melting solid ink coated on a ribbon and transferring in onto a receiving material.
Direct thermal papersDirect thermal products feature highly resistant non top-coated and top-coated paper face stocks paired with a variety of adhesives and either a 1.7 mil White Glassine or 40# White Kraft liner for superior converting capabilities.
High-gloss papersHigh-gloss products feature a coated face paper and are specially designed for prime labeling applications, including multicolor promotional and product-enhancing labels.
Semi-gloss papersSemi-gloss labels are ideal for a diverse range of end-uses including food, pharmaceuticals, retail, industrial and product labeling, as these products can be used to create eye-catching multicolor labels.
Matte lithoMatte litho products feature a white, off-machine coated, lignin-free, super calendered, matte label face stock suitable for thermal transfer printed labels.
FluorescentsFluorescent label stocks feature an eye-catching face paper and can be used for decorative, promotional and informational labels printed on lasers and copiers.
EDP/Data papersEDP label stocks feature a multipurpose face paper that offers reliable high speed runnability. These products are perform well in dot matrix printing processes and are ideal for address labeling and labels used in warehouses and distribution centers.
Metalized papersMetalized products feature a paper-based face material with a brilliant metal layer. They are primarily used to produce high-quality labels for prime labeling and special applications.
TagsTag materials feature a lignin-free, on-machine coated, super calendered, semi-gloss heavy weight tag face stock. These products are used to produce multipurpose, high-quality, multicolor labels.
Wet strength papers

These papers endure bottle washing and ice bucket immersion.