Polyjet WFPP

Discover the power of one with Polyjet WFPP

From desktop to digital, Polyjet WFPP delivers, empowering converters and end-users alike. This totally waterfast film meets the visual demands of prime labeling applications but features the on-demand print capabilities of a VIP product. And thanks to its proprietary top-coating, this innovative labelstock dries instantly on the press – no matter which inks are used.

Polyjet WFPP can be used in any application that requires moisture resistance, which makes it a natural for consumer end-uses such as wine, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and health and beauty labeling. End-users know they can count on Polyjet WFPP to showcase brightly colored label art, helping them put their best face forward.

Put Polyjet WFPP to work – and take the label to the limit! 

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