UPM Raflatac Specifications for Quantities, Dimensions and Packaging

Below are general specifications and tolerances for quantities, dimensions and packaging for products we supply. Please contact your UPM Raflatac representative if you have a special request.

Quantity Tolerance:

  • Stock orders are considered complete when the quantities shipped are +/- 10% of the quantity ordered. Special raw materials and coat-to-order are complete at +20%/-10%.

Dimensional Specifications:

  • Length measurement accuracy is +/- 1%.
  • Roll width tolerances are +/- 1/32" for full gum and +/- 1/16" for patterns. 
  • Minimum roll width is 3". For certain specials products the minimum is 2".
  • Minimum roll length is 2,500'. We offer precise roll lengths, however the full master width must be trimmed and these rolls may have extra splices. 
  • A minimum of 12" total width per order position is required for Trimless orders.
  • Coat-to-order products require a total length of 5,000' and the full master width must be trimmed. Exceptions may apply. Please contact your UPM Raflatac representative for your product's specific minimums.

Core Size:

  • 3" cores are standard.
  • We recommend 6" cores for all material that is required to lay flat for sheeting.

Pallets and Packaging:

We have the following pallet sizes available:

​31" x 53"32" x 32"​​40" x 40" ​44" x 44"
​32" x 48"​36" x 36"​40" x 48"

  • Cradle packing is available on rolls 5,000' or longer. These rolls are packed on either 32" x 48" pallets, 40" x 48" pallets or 31" x 53" pallets.
  • A minimum width of 6" per roll and a minimum total width of 32" per order position is required for cradle packing.

Splice Tolerance for Slit Rolls:

When order length is:

​<7,500'  ​ 2 splices
​≥7,500' to 10,000' ​ 3 splices

​ 4 splices

Special splice tolerances apply to certain special constructions.

Disclaimer:  All our products are sold subject to UPM Raflatac's general conditions, available at www.upmraflatac.com and upon request.

This statement does not constitute any warranty, express or implied. We cannot assume any liability for using our products in conjunction with other materials and customer must make own qualification and suitability testing before using UPM Raflatac material as part of customer products. Suitability of UPM Raflatac material in customer products is solely on customer's responsibility.  In case of any discrepancies, the English version of this document shall prevail.