1.7 WG thin paper liner

Packaging value chain players are now producing more with less. Driven by sustainability initiatives and cost-cutting objectives, brand owners and printers are leaning out their product branding and identification strategies.

With its broad new portfolio of thin face stocks and liners, UPM Raflatac is at the forefront of the downgauging revolution. We're proud to introduce a major advance in thin paper liners – 1.7 WG.

Think thin – for bigger, better results

  • Size advantage: A thinner liner enables converters to use larger rolls, increasing throughput and profitability, while reducing labor costs.
  • Space saver: 1.7 WG allows you to optimize warehousing and distribution. You can stock larger rolls on the same pallets and racks, storing up to 33% more inventory than before in the same space.
  • Fewer rolls: Labelstocks that feature 1.7 WG hold 25% to 50% more labels, depending on their outside diameter.
  • Operational versatility: 1.7 WG delivers the greatest gains with high-speed, roll-to-roll applications. However, this liner does double duty for fanfolding applications, which require significant strength to prevent perforations from tearing through.
  • Environmental impact: With 1.7 WG's leaner construction, you and your customers will use up to 30% less liner material compared to the standard 40# White Kraft, reducing waste. You'll also use fewer boxes, pallets and packing supplies for every shipment

1.7 WG thin paper liner label products

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