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Guide to full wrap with self-adhesive labeling 05/2019 AM ENG 1401
Full wrap labels that really stand out on shelves.
Change Management — Long-term security of label material supply 03/2019 ENG 1404
Change management is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Unforeseen changes in raw materials or the packaging of pharmaceutical products can potentially cause unintended purity and stability effects that pose a serious risk to patient health and safety.
The RX adhesive label range 10/2018 AM ENG 1390
Extreme-strength adhesive solutions for durables labeling


RafCycle - Turning waste into a resource 08/2018 EN-AM 1205
RafCycle waste management concept provides a sustainable solution for recycling the by-products and waste generated throughout the lifecycle of self-adhesive labelstock.
Raflatalk 2018 ENG ISSN 2489-8481
UPM Raflatac’s stakeholder magazine highlights latest trends in the packaging value chain and gives concrete examples of how we are labeling a smarter future in collaboration with our partners. Topics in this issue cover sustainability, wine, food and pharma.


APR-recognized wash-off film labels 05/2018 AM/APAC
Sustainable solutions enabling palstic recycling
A PERFECT FIT for Prime Labeling 04/2018 AM 222
The prime papers portfolio from UPM Raflatac
Personal care labeling solutions 03/2018 AM 214/3
Comprehensive personal care labeling solutions from UPM Raflatac – excellent quality and performance for printers and brand owners, front-running sustainability and industry-leading customer responsiveness.
UPM Raflatac's pressure sensitive beverage labeling solutions are designed to help differentiate your brand on the retail shelf and provide new opportunities for high-quality graphics and text.
If you're new to the shrink sleeve films market, we've got you covered. Our shrink sleeve films guidance and recommendations chart is your perfect reference when integrating shrink sleeve films into your product decoration portfolio!
Label Stock Adhesive Book 111/5 05/2017 AM
Updated version of UPM Raflatac's label stock adhesive information and values.
UPM Raflatac’s new film products featuring RR20 adhesive are designed to reliably reseal your food packages for the entire product freshness cycle.
Sustainable by design - new APR-approved products with our new RW85C adhesive
Deliver on Dairy in every environment! Introducing RH23 adhesive for milk containers!
Featuring labels as unique as your drink! UPM Raflatac has the perfect fit for your craft beer solutions.
When it comes to over-the-counter medications, also known as OTC, reading and understanding the label is the most important element for consumers. All OTC medication labels contain drug facts, important information about active ingredients, uses, warnings and dosage directions. These labels can be highly specified by the end-user, but more often are based on performance-related specifications.
Industrial chemical labeling - expert label stock for vital information 10/2016 AM 225/2
Every label material UPM Raflatac develops is tested for enduring adhesion on specific types, in a variety of conditions and under exposure to mechanical strain and contact with chemicals.
Our new Raflasec Holo Void security materials help safeguard goods from being tampered with through a unique combination of overt (visible to consumers) and covert (hidden/visible only via special technology or equipment) holographic properties.
The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) has approved our new RW85C wash-off adhesive. Ideal for labeling PET bottles, our 1.6 mil PP Clear TC and 2.6 mil PP Pearlescent TC label materials constructed with RW85C wash-off adhesive can undergo common PET bottle recycling processes without contaminating any of the PET fl ake by-products.
For labeling small diameter containers & demanding surfaces
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