Customer testimonials

​​​​​​​​​​​​Read our customer testimonials and learn how collaborating with UPM Raflatac can bring innovation and success to your pressure-sensitive label needs.

Hub Labels introduces ultra-thin VANISH films to Jailbreak Brewing  Company to help expand craft beer line
​Read why clear labels on cans helped Jailbreak Brewing Company shorten lead-times and lower minimums vs. using pre-printed cans.​ Download​ »

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Springfield Brewing Company's secret recipe: Converting to pressure sensitive labels
Learn why Springfield Brewing Company switched to pressure sensitive film labels from cut-and-stack, glue-applied paper labels. Download »
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Premium beverage company Black River Juice uses ultra-thin PET VANISH™ labels to help fuel business growth
Read how Black River Juice used VANISH™​ to push their brand to new limits, findng a winning label strategy at PACK EXPO. Download »​​
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A clear and frothy forecast: UPM Raflatac and Prime Package and Label innovate craft beverage labels with VANISH™ films
Recently teamed up with Prime Package and Label to demonstrate the clear benefits of VANISH™ to hundreds of attendees during the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America®. Download »
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Love at first sight: O-I Peldar glass meets UPM Raflatac label stock
With UPM Raflatac self-adhesive solutions, O-I Peldar has found the perfect companion to continue innovating high-quality, revolutionary designs for glass labels. Download »

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J.R. Cole Industries and UPM Raflatac help Three Olives® bottle up successful flavored vodka launch
Learn how UPM Raflatac delivered a beautiful label stock that provided exceptional quality and performance needed to successfully launch Three Olives® flavored vodka. Download »

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